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  • : Bâtis ton anglais en t'exposant à la langue. Speak, view, listen, read, practise : variety's on the menu and I wish you'll have fun ;-)
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MUSIC's also a way...

   ... to the 'Anglosphere' :o)
8 février 2017 3 08 /02 /février /2017 20:56

Observe comment placer ta langue de manière à bien prononcer le son / ð / correspondant au "th" de "this", "then", "that"... elle appuie sur les dents de devant quand tu "souffles" l'air.

Si tu places tes mains sur les cordes vocales, tu les sentiras vibrer : en anglais, on parle de "voiced sound" (son voisé).


Le son /θ/ lui, correspond au "th" de "thank you", ou "theatre" : la langue se place sous les dents de devant, mais sans les toucher. Quand tu souffles l'air, tes cordes vocales ne vibrent pas (vérifie !) : c'est pourquoi on parle de "voiceless sound" ou son non voisé.


And now...  practise & have fun !

And now... practise & have fun !


click the words to find their translation into French :

tip  /  tongue  /  behind  / top teeth  /  breathe out  vibrate  /  throughout

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24 décembre 2016 6 24 /12 /décembre /2016 08:43

Calvin's Christmas

from "Calvin & Hobbes" by Bill Watterson

Voir les commentaires

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21 décembre 2016 3 21 /12 /décembre /2016 12:36


Social Networkers' self-mockery ;o)


By kalokwong1 - on 9GAG.com, a fun sharing community

High School students & beyond :

Decode the reasons why the author of the poster has chosen each explanation...  can you answer these questions?

Twitter : "I'm eating bacon"

How long are the messages displayed on Twitter? So, why is the verb "eat" present continuous?

Fbook : "I like bacon"

... hmmm. Nah, I won't help you! The answer's far too easy...

LinkedIn : "I have skills including eating bacon"

If you don't know this network, check what  linkedin is... and you'll get the answer! The key-word is "skills".

Foursquare : "This is where I eat bacon"

Which is the key-word? 1st clue : this one helps to find places - 2nd clue : check it here!

YouTube : "Watch me eat my bacon"

... you know the answer-key comes with the word "watch", don't you?

. . .  ?? : "Here's a vintage photo of my bacon"

Well, I give up : it's surely a photography social media, but I couldn't find what this logo corresponds to : if you can find the social media it represents, please tell me!

⇒  I knew you'd find it (1)  : the logo shows Instagram's camera.

Pinterest : "Here's a recipe with bacon"

Why not explain what ' Pinterest' is?

Google+ : "I work for Google and eat bacon"

How does Google work -I mean how does it earn money? As a result... why does the poster tell that you work for Google whenever you use it on the web pages you surf?

Last.fm : "I'm listening to music about bacon"

Well, both "fm" and "listening to music" are clues to a proper answer : what can you do on this website? Who owns last.fm? You'll find the answer here.


Here you are : hope you've learnt a bit more on a few Internet social media networks and had fun :)

  (1) : thanks to SteF

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11 novembre 2016 5 11 /11 /novembre /2016 21:37
Parts of the face | VOCABULARY


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10 novembre 2016 4 10 /11 /novembre /2016 20:34
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9 octobre 2016 7 09 /10 /octobre /2016 16:09

These forecasts and polls have just been updated :

1) A map that shows who might become the next President of the U.S.A.

2) A visual that represents the 538 Electoral College Votes. It shows each state sized by its number of electoral votes

3) A map representing what the Senate might look like / Current vs Next Senate

They are all taken from










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6 octobre 2016 4 06 /10 /octobre /2016 19:12

The latest  film directed by Tim Burton was released in France yesterday.

The song "New World Coming" (from "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" trailer) :

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20 septembre 2016 2 20 /09 /septembre /2016 08:32

Learningchocolate :

un site illustré qui te permettra d'accroître ton vocabulaire... essaie-le !


Avec ce "dictionnaire visuel" tu as la possibilité de t'exercer à prononcer, écouter, écrire des mots en anglais, tous illustrés. Ainsi tu seras capable de les mémoriser, les réutiliser -bref, devenir imbattable en anglais :o)

Fais-y un tour dès maintenant en cliquant ci-dessous :


Beaucoup parviendront fort bien à naviguer sur ces pages -et ceux qui ont besoin d'un petit coup de pouce... venez me le signaler : nous l'expérimenterons ensemble!

Memorise & revise words topic lists thanks to pictures and captions :

You may also practise and test yourself with the words audio pronunciation / match words with their corresponding pictures or pronounced words / check their proper spelling, and so on...

Have a try : I do hope you'll enjoy it  


topic = (here) theme

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18 septembre 2016 7 18 /09 /septembre /2016 19:07

Daniel Radcliffe -and Harry Potter- have grown up ! The actor sings a rap song and ... it's fast !!

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18 septembre 2016 7 18 /09 /septembre /2016 07:58

"12 Years a Slave" trailer - English (French subtitles)

"[...] Solomon Northup was a free black man living in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. in 1841, when he was coaxed by “two gentlemen of respectable appearance” to travel to Washington, D.C. for employment. While there, he was beaten and sold into slavery, with his captors claiming he was a fugitive slave. He spent twelve years in bondage with three different masters in Louisiana before he was finally rescued — a feat which involved secretly smuggling a letter to his family and enlisting the help of the New York governor. [...]"

From "Text to Text | ‘Twelve Years a Slave,’ and ‘An Escape That Has Long Intrigued Historians’ " by Michael GONCHAR and Tom MARSHALL (the New York Times - October 2013)

Pour mieux manipuler la formation du prétérit et reconnaître le participe passé de verbes irréguliers je te propose un petit jeu de piste: munis-toi de ta liste des verbes irréguliers, puis cherche :

* 5 formes verbales au prétérit irrégulierd'un même verbe (un auxiliaire):

--> 3 sont immédiatement suivies du participe passé d'un autre verbe (il s'agit de formes passives), parmi lesquels: 2 verbes irréguliers (qui suivent un seul auxiliaire, attention) / 2 verbes réguliers -facile : ils se finissent en ... ?!

* 2 autres formes verbales au préterit: 1 verbe irrégulier / 1 verbe régulier.

Alors ?? Tu veux vérifier si tes "découvertes" sont bien les bonnes ? N'hésite pas à venir en fin de cours ;)

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