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The map below shows about 190 "cinematic attacks" : Hollywood disaster movies have destroyed a great deal of U.S. cities, towns or regions (considering a broad definition of the "disaster" genre) :

- Monster attacks

- Creature attacks

- Climatic events

- Geologic events

- Infections

- Mankind

   - Alien attacks

   - Space rocks

   - Superhero battles

   - Sharknado (= a tornado made up of sharks...

     up to now, only one has been shot !)...

... are all located on U.S.A. maps -you can also view them all gathered on a unique map.

Besides, you get a list of the pinned films -with their release date, the specific location/city and the approximate location where the disaster took place in the film.

Click the illustration above to get the full article on

theconcourse.deadspin website

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Click the mind map and check when you do not nee to use the article "the" before a noun (group) :

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Mercredi 19 mars 3 19 /03 /Mars 23:03

This flowchart's quite funny, and it's also useful to practise modal auxiliaries (If you like furry tails, you must / you should / you could / you can't...), negative forms (People who can't stand cold blooded animals will not / are not going to /...) -and specific vocabulary too : you can revise and improve it by finding other animals in the same category/species as the ones pictured on the illustration.

Last, but not least, more advanced learners may train their writing skills...

Caldwell Tanner's flowchart pretends (1) dogs are "companions", while cats (or rabbits, hamsters...) are "roommates you have to feed" : do you agree with him ? Why (not) ? Explain your answer and illustrate it with examples :o)

(1)  Beware, "pretend" is a false friend to French learners -check it !

Flowchart created by Caldwell Tanner (currently head illustrator for website)

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Mercredi 19 mars 3 19 /03 /Mars 22:55

  The infographic below plainly explains 15 of the common goofs  you happen to make when you write. Scroll down the infographic (be patient, it's quite long) and check if you need to correct some of them.

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Lundi 17 mars 1 17 /03 /Mars 00:01

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St Patrick's  saint patricks day Shamrock Cartoon 4 clip art   Day


Let's brush up a few words related to this worldwide famous Irish tradition : check this basic visual vocabulary reminder !


Focus on this history of the saint patron of Ireland :

Then test your listening comprehension and answer this

  QUIZ (10 questions) 


Tomorrow -on March 17th, you can also choose some typically Irish recipes, and prepare tasteful surprises for your family and friends : you can find loads of them by searching the Internet.

Some of them are delicious -some others are a pleasure for the eyes as well... Click the picture below to discover the

Luck o' the Irish Brownie

recipe... yummy :o) takes 30' to prepare & it's ready in 1h35') 



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