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22 juillet 2009 3 22 /07 /juillet /2009 17:37

                                                      On July 22, in...

- 1588 :
   > > > The  
SPANISH ARMADA (an invasion
   fleet sent by Philip II of Spain)
   is sighted off the coast of Cornwall.

- 1969 :           

   US astronaut Neil Armstrong is the first
   man to walk on the moon, 
   stepping down from Apollo 11.

   How much do you know about  NEIL ARMSTRONG  ?  < < <
   > > >
   The site of the  N.A.S.A.  displays his biography too.
This one is more complete. Besides, the site also gets you to learn about 'Technology', 'Moon and Mars', 'Aeronautics'... and more !


     fleet (N)  :  a group of ships, or all of the ships in a country's navy 
     sight (V) : to suddenly see something or someone
     off the coast
 = au large des côtes

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