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9 septembre 2009 3 09 /09 /septembre /2009 15:55
"This is no picnic for me either,   buster  !"   < < <
his mother sometimes told him during extra lessons at... 04:00 a.m. !

Six-year-old Barack's mother left Hawaïï to work in Jakarta (Indonesia). She couldn't afford to send him to school, because it was too expensive.... and then decided to give him extra lessons herself. As she worked, the only moment she could do it was at four thirty a.m., and at that time little Barack happened to fall asleep at the kitchen table !

On September 8, the President told  this anecdote to Virginia students in Arlington. On this video,. President Obama arrives at abou 02' 00", after a student has finished the 'welcome speech'.

By telling us this bit of his own story at the beginning of his address, President Barack Obama emphasizes that he also does know that giving youngsters an education might be hard... and he also knows how hard it might be for youngsters   to keep up with    < < <
their education !

                                                     four thirty in the morning (especially U.S.) = half past four in the morning           
   (to) emphasize = (to) insist on / (to) outline                      
a youngster = someone who is young                  

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