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11 décembre 2009 5 11 /12 /décembre /2009 21:23
++ Terminales

You have just started analysing a peculiar US flag today... But what are the states corresponding to the 50 stars on the American flag ?
Click on the notes


and listen to Wakko's little song in "A cartoon to memorize the 50 states"... not that easy, heh ? However, you should recognize many of them ! Write down the ones you remember ; then, listen to the cartoon again until you manage to complete your list.

Click on the map flag : this alphabetical list will help you memorize them more easily.
us_flag_map_T.gifA few mnemonic devices :
- no state begins with B, E, J, Q, S  -nor with X/Y/Z !
- the letters C, M, N and W  correspond to the longest states lists
- C and D include "double" states : North and South... but there is also West Virginia !

mnemonic devices = procédés mnémotechniques
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