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22 juillet 2010 4 22 /07 /juillet /2010 18:47

Edward Hopper is mostly known for his oil paintings... but he also did a great job with watercolours  (like  "The Mansard Roof", 1923, his first  break ) and etching (like his "East Side", 1922 )

>>> Wikipedia article

thumb_palette_4.pngon Edward Hopper


This clip shows a great deal of his paintings -Benny Goodman's jazz plays  :

I do like the way the artist shows scenes suggesting ordinary lives and places... his painting shadows and light.

An exhibition on Edward Hopper(1) currently takes place in Switzerland (Lausanne) until October 17  :  I'll surely tell you more about the American painter and his artwork ;-)   


(1) Thanks indeed to Ms M. Milesi, an onlist colleague, for reminding me of the event !

watercolour(s) (acquarelle, peinture à l'acquarelle) | etching (gravure à l'eau-forte, eau-forte)

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Lilah 22/07/2010 22:34

I like Hopper too !

MM 22/07/2010 22:41

If you search on the net you will find loads of interesting things ; a worksheet will be added on the blog later on.