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7 juillet 2010 3 07 /07 /juillet /2010 21:58

"A harsh climate did not stop humans moving to northern

Europe nearly a million years ago", Miriam Frankel says.

Researchers have discovered stone tools in Norfolk : these suggest early humans arrived nearly a million years ago -or even earlier-  in Britain.

Here is a video on the Nature website :

You'd better launch the video and click on 'pause' until it is completely downloaded : then you'll be able to watch it. 

Click here >> BBC news

to read article about it.

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L 08/07/2010 16:05

the video is difficult but the pictures are iinteresting and I understand, globally.

MM 08/07/2010 21:18

You're right, the pictures are instructive and that's mostly why I chose the video.

Thanks for watching, keep on listening... and you'll improve, that's for sure