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23 juillet 2010 5 23 /07 /juillet /2010 20:04

In the article   "English VOCABULARY : practise with pictures & fun"  I told you about a website that helps you improve your lexis... and maybe you've already started practising !


Here are a few explanations about 'Match up 1' and 'Match up 2' instructions, because... there aren't any clear instructions, actually  


Match up 1

You can see a list of words ; next to these words is the logo of a computer speaker... a bit like this one (but smaller !!) :


At the bottom of the page, you can see a series of speaker logos : if you click on one of these logos, you will hear one of the words (in the list).

Then, you can match it with the corresponding word : drag and drop the speaker logo of the pronounced word... onto the speaker logo of the corresponding word -in the list.

When you've finished, you just need to click on 'complete' to check your results.


Match up 2

Here is a series of illustrations, with a blank  beneath them ; at the bottom of the page, you have the series of words corresponding to the illustrations.

You just need to complete the blanks by slipping the words into the blankds : drag and drop them beneath the pictures !

As usual, conclude the exercise by clicking on 'complete' to check your answers...


I hope I've been plain enough : don't bother to send  a comment if you need extra-help (in case it should work properly, I'd be glad to get your comments too )


a series / many series : the word "series" always bear an 's'

drag and drop = glisser-déposer (un élément, d'un endroit de l'écran à l'autre)

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