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21 octobre 2009 3 21 /10 /octobre /2009 12:00

Linus blows the class rep' election...

... by telling his schoolmates about the 'Great Pumpkin' during the speech,  though he aimed at becoming the class representative (= "délégué" in France). Indeed, Linus is probably the most naive character in "The Peanuts" comic strips [by Charles Schulze].

How come Linus started talking about a pumpkin during the election campaign ?? Well... Linus is actually crazy about 'the Great Pumpkin'  -which is a character that nobody sees in "The Peanuts"...  However, Linus is strongly convinced 'the Great Pumpkin' is real... and continues to search for it !

If you wish to know who 'the Great Pumpkin' is,

   <<< Click on the photo

   of this pumpkins field
   in 'High Moon Bay'

    Pumpkins are one of the
    symbols of Hallowe'en :
    I will tell you more about
                                                                it...  soon :o)

blow (V) = to spoil, to fail, to mess up with something
      schoolmates = the pupils in your school                   
            a pumpkin = a large round vegetable (yellow or orange inside)
                                which grows on the ground (look at the photo !)
                    "How come [that]... ?" = "Why... ?"  "What are the reasons for... ?"
  search for (V) = to look for, to seek (irregular V)      

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