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14 décembre 2009 1 14 /12 /décembre /2009 13:09
Copenhagen +7
'River Runs Red'


"When Midnight Oil released this song (1990), the "world's largest-ever pollution incident, involving the supertanker   Exxon Valdez <<< off Alaska's pristine coasts, had [just] sent shockwaves around the world [1989].
Midnight Oil's response, by playing a guerrilla gig on a flatbed truck outside Exxon's headquarters in New York, brought areas of the city to a standstill and was hailed by environmentalists trying to put as much pressure on big business as possible." (from >>> hBBC h2g2   -see "Blue Sky Mining").
The spine-chilling video mixes reports from the disaster with the band legendary gig.
pristine = new or almost new, and in very good condition  |  a gig = (colloquial) rock concert, performance  |  a flatbed truck = camion à plateaux (ici, pour le concert)  |  (to) hail = acclaim, greet enthusiastically  |  spine-chilling = so frightening... that it makes your back (spine) shiver and chill (get cold)

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