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18 septembre 2009 5 18 /09 /septembre /2009 20:57

New York is often referred to as New York City (NYC)...

800px-Apfel 05    ... or the City of New York,


to distinguish it from the state of New York. It is also nicknamed 'Big Apple'. The city is the centre of the New York metropolitan area (one of the most populous areas in the world).

A street (& water !) tour of a few New York City's most famous places and tourist attractions :

New York strongly influences global commerce, finance, media, culture, art, fashion, research, education, and entertainment. It hosts the United Nations Headquarters and is therefore an important centre for international affairs.


Apple illustration by jacoon, under CC BY-SA license

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MS2B 02/12/2012 15:54

New York is very famous and I'd like to see Central Park, Chrysler Building..... and to do shopping !

Ms Mirza 02/12/2012 18:38

I agree with you, Mathilde

BIAU--SALINAS Océane 29/10/2010 15:36

I'd love to go to New York... It's a very beautiful city ! But it's very far...

MM 29/10/2010 17:17

... you're right, but plane tickets are much cheaper today. Although the accomodation (hotels...) expenses are often... expensive, this travel is worth them 

uppereastsider 24/09/2010 10:40

Thx!!! xxx

MM 24/09/2010 21:55

You're welcome :o)