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MUSIC's also a way...

   ... to the 'Anglosphere' :o)
13 janvier 2014 1 13 /01 /janvier /2014 12:36

The poster below appeals to social networkers' self-mockery ;-)



By kalokwong1 - on 9GAG.com, a fun sharing community

Let's decode the reasons why the author of the poster has chosen each explanation : can you answer the following questions ?

Twitter : "I'm eating bacon"

How long are the messages displayed on Twitter ? So, why is the verb "eat" present continuous ?

Fbook : "I like bacon"

... hmmm. Nah, I won't help you ! The answer's far too easy...

LinkedIn : "I have skills including eating bacon"

If you don't know this network, check what  linkedin is... and you'll get the answer ! The key-word is "skills".

Foursquare : "This is where I eat bacon"

Which is the key-word ? 1st clue : this one helps to find places - 2nd clue : check it here !

YouTube : "Watch me eat my bacon"

... you know the answer-key comes with the word "watch", don't you ?

. . .  ?? : "Here's a vintage photo of my bacon"

Well, I give up : it's surely a photography social media, but I couldn't find what this logo corresponds to : if you can find the social media it represents, please tell me !

⇒  I knew you'd find it (1)  : the logo shows Instagram's camera.

Pinterest : "Here's a recipe with bacon"

Why not explain what ' Pinterest' is ?

Google+ : "I work for Google and eat bacon"

How does Google work -I mean how does it earn money ? As a result... why does the poster tell that you work for Google whenever you use it on the web pages you surf ?

Last.fm : "I'm listening to music about bacon"

Well, both "fm" and "listening to music" are clues to a proper answer : what can you do on this website ? Who owns last.fm ? You'll find the answer here.


Here you are : hope you've learnt a bit more on a few Internet social media networks and had fun :)

  (1) : thanks to SteF

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SteF 01/04/2013 10:59

hey there. the missing link (vintage photo) is Instagram I think

M. Mirza 01/04/2013 11:18

Thanks a lot