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13 octobre 2010 3 13 /10 /octobre /2010 19:45

The Instant Kiwi TV ad

was released in 1999.



This   commercial   arouses  laughter  anywhere exams are held :o)

The ad illustrates the NZ Lotteries Board  "Instant Kiwi" : in September 1989, the New Zealand Lottery Board introduced the game, which caused instant laughter. The TV ad  is aimed at 18 -year olds, like the students in this brief story. Here the main character is a student who eventually proves to be far smarter than the teacher :o)

The game is called "Instant Kiwi" because you know if you are the winner not even 1 minute after buying the ticket !

It consists of a card with nine squares on it : punters scratch off 3 squares of their choice. If the 3 are identical, the punter wins that amount of money.



Ad developed by creative director Gavin Bradley, copywriter Kim Thorp, art director Robbie Kantor & agency producer Martin Gray. Filming directed by T. Williams - Visual effects : Digital Post. This ad inspired a scene in the film  The Slackers"  (U.S.A. - 2002)

Thanks !! to C. Dorleans, the colleague who got me to discover this clip :o)

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<br /> This vidéo is funny because the teacher don'nt now who is this student and this student put this control in the middle of all control<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> <br /> Indeed Victor, the video is most funny   The teacher doesn't know the student, and he answers too fast : the<br /> student has trapped him !!<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />