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2 novembre 2010 2 02 /11 /novembre /2010 21:52

Midterm elections <<<

  Understand & learn with a few illustrations !


Here you can see the reactions of these regions inhabitants

http://dailyinfographic.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/yahoo-ask-america-large.jpgto a few questions on the election issues :

- The consequences of a reorganization of the White House  staff on Obama's policy.

- Are Charlie Crist's motivations sincere... or is he an opportunist ?

- Has the notion of "American Dream" been knocked out by the Great Recession in a globalising world ?

- Can new Wall Street regulations  prevent another financial failure ?




This infographic   shows the Americans' reactions nationwide to questions on seven major issues (more than 1.6 million answered the  survey.) :

Culture media / Economy / Energy environment / Immigration / National Security / State of the Union / Justice -courts.


The midterm elections give the American voters the opportunity to have their say on both the Senate and the House trends.


This infographic gets you to visualise what is  at stake : the first two graphs show the Democrats (their symbol is a donkey, but it's not on their new official logo) and the Republicans (their symbol is an elephant)  seats at the Senate. Some are leaning seats : seats leaning towards one of the 2 parties (= seats favouring one of the 2 parties).   [still in progress]

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