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10 décembre 2012 1 10 /12 /décembre /2012 20:21

The right to carry firearms in each U.S. state

Illinois and Wisconsin are "no-issue" states : concealed carry is generally forbidden.

http://www.justfacts.com/images/guncontrol/guncontrol_ad.jpgIn 10 "may-issue" states,  applicants must often present a reason for carrying a firearm to an issuing authority, who then decides (based on his/her discretion) if the applicant receives a permit. These are : Alabama, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Maryland, Massachussetts, New Jersey and New York.

The 38 remaining states are "shall-issue" states : there, concealed carry permits are issued to all  qualified applicants.


A 2005 Gallup  poll throughout the U.S.A. (1,012 adults) found the following levels of firearm   ownership :


 Percentage Owning  a Firearm

Households  42%
Individuals  30%
Male  47%
Female  13%
White  33%
Nonwhite  18%
Republican  41%
Independent  27%
Democrat  23%


In the same poll, gun owners   stated they own firearms for the following reasons :

Protection Against Crime  67%
Target Shooting  66%
Hunting  41%
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<br /> This article is very interesting because in United Dtates is very different to France<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> <br /> Thank you for commenting so quickly, Céline  <br /> <br /> <br /> You are right : in France, gun laws (= lois) are really different : the French Constitution does not allow people to bear firearms... contrary to the US Constitution !<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />