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  • : Bâtis ton anglais en t'exposant à la langue. Speak, view, listen, read, practise : variety's on the menu and I wish you'll have fun ;-)
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MUSIC's also a way...

   ... to the 'Anglosphere' :o)
6 mars 2012 2 06 /03 /mars /2012 21:31

  One of the most common pronunciation difficulties for EFL learners is how to pronounce 'th'. Here, Jennifer  -an ESL teacher-  helps you improve : 

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5 mars 2012 1 05 /03 /mars /2012 13:40

 B1-B2 / Tales

South Africa

 You've just started working on the South African Republic and Apartheid. To begin with, you'll get further information on these pages -click on the South African flag...


... to get a short introduction and a few elements about the country's economy and its people.


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4 mars 2012 7 04 /03 /mars /2012 22:38

Watch the short sketch below...

And complete the different ways the young woman asked the man to repeat

"I'm sorry, I didn't quite ......................  that !" ---  "..................... you .................. that again ?"  ---  "One more ........................ ?"  ---  "I'm sorry, I .................. didn't ...................... that..."  ---  "I can't ................... a ...................... you're saying..."

You may reuse them wheneveryou need someone to repeat for you to hear more clearly something you haven't understood.


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3 mars 2012 6 03 /03 /mars /2012 07:39

What kind of mobile user are you ?

How do you see yourself and...


... how do other mobile users see you ?!

Comic from the csectioncomics.com website


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15 février 2012 3 15 /02 /février /2012 10:26

If you like reading comics, you may enjoy

the Classic Comics' version of Shakespeare's "Macbeth"

Discover Act I by clicking on the  illustration below :

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/ad/Voodoo-Macbeth-Poster.jpg/153px-Voodoo-Macbeth-Poster.jpg illustration in the Public Domain

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14 février 2012 2 14 /02 /février /2012 09:50

Happy St Valentine's Day !


"Invention of Love" was created in 2009/2010 by Andrey Shushkof : it was his diploma animated short film :

He had started his film school in Saint-Petersburg University of Culture and Arts, where he studied directing, photography and scriptwriting. He then "fell in love with animation and started to work as a freelance photographer"

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13 février 2012 1 13 /02 /février /2012 09:09

The   poster   below  highlights   odd   English   phrases  &  idioms   that   sound  sometimes   funny   to  foreign  learners :  



Created by Richard LEDERER (busyteachers.org)

Clicking on the illustration  gets you to the full-size picture

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8 février 2012 3 08 /02 /février /2012 23:46


Here is a recap sheet  to help you check your book cover : 


If you'd like me to help you proofread your book cover, you can still send it to me by Wednesday, February 15, 2012. I'll send it back with some help for you to correct your mistakes -if any ! Eventually, you'll be ready to present your book cover at the end of your Winter holidays :-)

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5 février 2012 7 05 /02 /février /2012 16:08

 Here is a document that illustrates the worst oil spills

in history : not only can you view the Gulf of Mexico catastrophe but also various other ones... 


  Click on the illustration

to get the full-size infographic.

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4 février 2012 6 04 /02 /février /2012 14:50

You [ought to...] regularly revise irregular verbs lists : they're either alphabetical or morphologically-based....

A French colleague built this map to group the verbs by themes, which you might well find it easier to memorise... click on the map to download it, & have a try !page0001.jpg


Thanks to J-M. Chavance who created this document,

which is licensed under a CC BY-SA 

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