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29 octobre 2011 6 29 /10 /octobre /2011 13:09

No...  not pumpkins again -not today ! 

Art or Food ?

Terry Border joins both !

  This silent animation reviews mere moments in 'A Slice of Life' : smiles, tinged with poetry ;)

Below, the 'food artist' explains how inspiration gets him to invent such funny little creatures :  Terry Border's interview iillustrates how to make food look look artistic :o)

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28 octobre 2011 5 28 /10 /octobre /2011 16:04



The two infographics below show more realistic

& sometimes spooky sides of Halloween

The first illustration -on the left- points out data and statistics about Hallowe'en crimes. The second one, -on the right- shows that not only does Halloween mean tradition and culture, but also.. making money !

Would you like to know how much people spend on costumes and which ones are  trendy  in 2011 ? What are the worst or best places in the U.S.A. for "trick-or-treating" ? To get the answers -and a lot more, click on the illustration on the right to view the full-size infographic and its data. If you're nod afraid of viewing creepy facts and figures you can click on the illustration on the left : you'll feel as if you were shooting an episode of 'CSI' TV series... besides, you'll practise specific vocabulary !









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28 octobre 2011 5 28 /10 /octobre /2011 10:03

Can you feel it ?!

is coming -it's all close ;)

But Hallowe'en's Eve is not tonight... not yet ! Till then, this slide show displays a series of Jack O' Lantern carved pumpkins

Scary, creepy, funny, dazzling, weird... all of them are most original.
You can learn about "The legend of Jack O'Lantern" <<  here !
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27 octobre 2011 4 27 /10 /octobre /2011 14:52

Food and cooking are part of a country's culture -it can even get artistic !

From today on, they deserve a specific category on this weblog...

Let's start with a recipe I found on VIDEOJUG :

Hallowe'en usually gets us to carve those poor pumpkins, again and again...

Hum... why not have them baked instead ?!

Pumpkins represent the autumn (= US fall) season and harvest time, especially Hallowe'en.

I've just taken it out of the oven -it smells terrific   [minutes later] now we can testify it's good too, but you should wait a little longer... for I've burnt my tongue 


If you're not used to cooking / using the oven, you must ask your parents for help...

  New words or phrases :

note them down in your LEXIS recaps for you to start learning them.


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25 octobre 2011 2 25 /10 /octobre /2011 23:14


"Wind is an important nature force that humans have learned to harvest

to create power (and curse it for giving them bad hair days). [...] By  harvesting the wind’s power, we are able to create electricity using wind turbines".

Before Autumn Holidays, you finished studying documents and a video about wind turbines. Check out the infographic below : it illustrates how wind power is collected to generate electricity ::

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25 octobre 2011 2 25 /10 /octobre /2011 15:45

The Bald Eagle is the bird symbol of the U.S.A.


... but did you know each of the U.S.  50 states also has a symbol ? (1)

Callinectes sapidus 1

  The Blue crab is the crustacean symbol of Maryland   -more specifically, of   Chesapeake Bay.

As it is both a predator and a prey, it is a keystone species.

Click its photo above   :

you'll get further information on the crustacean on the Chesapeakebay website.

(1) : actually, there are several symbols for each state !

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24 octobre 2011 1 24 /10 /octobre /2011 18:24


& interested

Using Social Media &Technology in Educational Settings
 "Considerations, guidance and risk assessment templates for schools and educational settings considering the use of Social Media.

This Kent e-Safety Strategy Group   [...] document aims to help schools and educational settings consider safe practice in order to protect staff, pupils and the wider community.
Social media tools can include websites such as blogs, Wikis, social networking and video sharing sites. Sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr have become everyday forms of communication for both adults and children. [...] However social networking and media sites can have risks [...] behind everyday online activity.                            click & read


Online social media tools can also be excellent tools for teaching and learning and can provide exciting, new opportunities for schools to engage, communicate and collaborate with pupils and the wider community. [...]"

(1) : illustration by Brian Solis & JESS 3

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23 octobre 2011 7 23 /10 /octobre /2011 07:33

When Tom-Tom meets Darth Vader or Yoda...

understanding one another may get difficult !

Let's check what you've caught :o)
Try and remember how to say...   la 3ème sortie (d'un rond-point) / reprendre à partir de / indiquer le chemin / nous avons fini  | bienvenue / première prise / atteindre / respirer / rond-point / déprimant / droit devant / avancer 

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22 octobre 2011 6 22 /10 /octobre /2011 19:31

On Facebook, you can feel as if you had loads of "friends".

This is likely to be considered a 'pro'-Facebook argument -guess so.

The infographic below displays some cons though -on a loooooooong wall :







The visual deals with...









May 31st, 2010 :

"Quit Facebook Day"





September 23rd; 2010 :

Facebook's "worst outage"





Facebook's revenue   





Wall Street's "hottest tech deal"

with Facebook





Facebook's Pad inability to print






& many more.





Click on the illustration      

to get full details               

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18 octobre 2011 2 18 /10 /octobre /2011 19:19

Here is a RECAP to help you...

... describe and analyse a visual document : a photo, a painting, a drawing, a cartoon, a still, and so on...

Click on the PDF logo to get the RECAP sheet


Click on the apple to get the cartoons you started studying today

You will need a password : it's the number of the classroom you were in this afternoon !


  And now... practise !

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