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16 octobre 2011 7 16 /10 /octobre /2011 23:05



How to write a DIALOGUE 

The students who aim at writing a dialogue may find some help in the RECAP sheet I've just put online : 

click   on the PDF logo...

 ... and brush up the main rules you need to bear in mind when you write dialogues in English. This RECAP SHEET will also provide you with useful vocabulary to improve your writing task (introductory verbs, adverbs, etc...).

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16 octobre 2011 7 16 /10 /octobre /2011 15:35

You have just met the new English assistant !

Go onto the "Wallwisher" below    

 Click on "Post a sticky" and post one piece of information you noted

 - about her

 - about the place she comes from

 - about any other information she told you !

 Mention your "name" in your post, as I did in : "YrTEACHER" [if you don't, your post will remain "Anonymous" and will not be  considered.]

I'm waiting for your posts on the "Wallwisher"...


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11 octobre 2011 2 11 /10 /octobre /2011 09:13

The world map below displays nations using English as an official language

or as the predominant language

 Picture licensed by Wmitchell, in the Public Domain


Watch the map closely : what can you notice ? Which part of the world are these countries located in ? How can you explain this ?


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7 octobre 2011 5 07 /10 /octobre /2011 16:25

The infographic below outlines commonly using Google... affects your memory

It reviews different Google tools in the Analysis (green) / Organisation (light blue) / Search (dark blue) / Image (orange) fields and compares how our memory and our brain used to work before Google... with the way it does today !

Google and Memory
Research and Design by: Online Colleges Site






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6 octobre 2011 4 06 /10 /octobre /2011 07:50

The  'Pantless Knights'(1) recently used the music of Jay-Z's "What can I say"

Before he died, they wrote the lyrics  -a tribute to the former Apple C.E.O.

This video clip parodies a rap song : "We are all Steve"  spoof rap is full with rythm and... vocabulary too ! Its lyrics review various products created by Steve Jobs and highlight  his supremacy in the computer science market..

Can you spot 2 visual details that make all the video clip characters look like Steve Jobs ?

A little help ? These details are part of their clothes !

(1) : The 'Pantless Knights' are a group of American comedians  

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5 octobre 2011 3 05 /10 /octobre /2011 08:39
This 03'15" cartoon is taken from "Bowling for Columbine",
Michael Moore's film about gun violence in the U.S.A. & its roots.
This animated film was created by the authors of "South Park" (Trey Parker & Matt Stone). It caricatures the reasons why the Americans have often been scared throughout their history. The animation was an effective and funny means of explaining how deep gun violence is rooted in the history of the USA : that's why Michael Moore inserted it into his film.
Click on the PDF logo   to get a worksheet that will help you
decode this brief US history by Michael Moore :


Thanks indeed to Sophie Osmont,
the colleague who created the worksheet.

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25 septembre 2011 7 25 /09 /septembre /2011 18:00

The timeline below shows various American TV series

http://www.clker.com/cliparts/r/F/4/P/9/A/plasma-tv-th.png http://idata.over-blog.com/2/06/12/22/us_flag_map_T.gif 

that can be watched also in France  -until December 2012 :

Lots of them are rather famous in France : you probably already know many of them, as "Dexter", "Medium", "NCIS", or...

Their quality varies  -of course-  but some of them are quite interesting :  provided  you view the "MULTILINGUAL" version   whenever  you are allowed to, watching these programmes in English will help you... improve  your English !

You can put the subtitles on, which also helps you understand the series. And now... have a nice programme ! :-)


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24 septembre 2011 6 24 /09 /septembre /2011 10:39

A few arguments people commonly resort to when it comes to the right to own arms :


Each argument favouring the right to keep & bear arms is contradicted by a counter argument.

Read them all to check which arguments you agree on, and which ones you disagree on.



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23 septembre 2011 5 23 /09 /septembre /2011 19:08

The video you've started studying :

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17 septembre 2011 6 17 /09 /septembre /2011 10:24





The video clip   you started studying yesterday was made in 2008 :

It is also displayed on the 'Adbusters' website, but it was created by the 'Bonfire  of the brands' team.


As for specific VOCABULARY,

the documents below may help you :

- The  "Describing & Analysing an Advert" RECAP SHEET                   based on an advert for Tetley (tea) :

   it   includes   vocabulary + key questions   to   help   you   analyse

   an   advert ;

- the  "Branding & Advertising" MIND-MAP :

   it  shows   elementary   words  and  phrases   specific  to  the  

   advertising and branding world.

 Your turn :

check the meaning of the words you don't know

(or still hesitate on).

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