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MUSIC's also a way...

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2 mars 2011 3 02 /03 /mars /2011 01:25

Just sit comfortably, relax... and watch this animation : 



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1 mars 2011 2 01 /03 /mars /2011 16:25

Can you prepare Welsh Rarebit ?

... quite easy to cook, eh ? Yum-yum... now you are ready to try the Welsh recipe !


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1 mars 2011 2 01 /03 /mars /2011 08:08

"Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus !"... Happy St David's Day :-)

null  null(1)

The illustrations above show two symbols of Wales : the flag, on which you can see St George's Dragon (this legend symbolises when good wins over evil)... and [a field of] daffodils  -this flower is another symbol of Wales(2). Dewi Sant is the Welsh name of Saint David, the saint patron of WalesSaint David's Day falls on March 1.

What do you already know on St David's Day ?

Take the quiz : http://www.clker.com/cliparts/i/X/D/N/j/p/icon-with-question-mark-th.png-(from the CBBC site)

Two days ago, on BBC Radio 2, Brian D'Arcy explored the Welsh national character -in particular their passion for hymns.


The programme lasts 33' : if you are not keen on this music genre, I suggest you start listening from 04':14" to 05'13" : one short minute on Saint David's life and legend.


St David's Parade in Cardiff (2010)



An article posted on the BBCnews website (today) :


It tells us about Welsh official icons or symbols : leeks, daffodils, the Welsh flag or Welsh costumes... and a simple but tasty recipe too : Welsh Rarebit ! 


(1) : photo by Mark Robinson, licensed under CC-BY 2.0

(2) : the photo wasn't taken in Wales... but in Cornwall ;-)

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28 février 2011 1 28 /02 /février /2011 20:36


What about "The King's Speech" ?
1) What genre of film "The King's Speech" is not ?
A biopic
A drama
A historical film
A musical comedy

View Scoreboard

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28 février 2011 1 28 /02 /février /2011 08:15


Best film  and Best Actor Awards to Colin Firth, for "The King's Speech".

" 'The King's Speech' was crowned with the best picture" - by Xan Brooks

(February 28, 2011) ; article below  :

http://static.guim.co.uk/static/101909/zones/culture/images/logo.gifBest Actress Award to Natalie Portman (for "The Swan")

"Inception" got the best Sound Mixing and Sound Editing Awards.

I'm quoting these specific awards because I did like the films -esp. "Inception" and "The King's Speech"... but there is no point in listing all of them : you'll find them in "The Telegraph" article :


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28 février 2011 1 28 /02 /février /2011 00:01

The questions below might help improve speaking in public skills  (for instance, speaking in front of your own class/teacher/examiner...). In "King George VI" the speaking difficulties arose from  Bertie's   stammering...

Yet, such questions may also help those who do not stammer  -especially questions 4 / 6 / 7 : give them a try :-)

The video below gets you to view the King's speechES : the film's speech, and the real one.

Could both speeches be synchronised ? If you compare both audio tracks, you'll hear (and see !) that the film crew did a great job :

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27 février 2011 7 27 /02 /février /2011 20:05

"George VI : the unexpected king"

"He neither desired, nor ever expected, to become King. A diffident, even painfully shy, figure who battled throughout his life with a nervous stammer, George VI was the unlikeliest of sovereigns, thrust on to the throne when his brother, Edward VIII, abdicated in 1936[...]":


An article from the BBC World news (2002)

Wikipedia's article :


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27 février 2011 7 27 /02 /février /2011 17:34

                                              ... in "The King's Speech"               B2 & above            

Colin Firth at Dave Letterman's Show on CBS  -humourosly witty :o) 

The leading actor  -interviewed by Kathie Couric (from CBS news*)  

This is a 34-minute video -which might sound quite long to you...

But if you feel a bit scared ;-) you don't have to view/listen the whole document : just try and select 2 or 3 minutes to practise video comprehension. I suggest you start from the beginning  -your choice, though :-)


* : If your connection isn't fast enough, you can start the video (play) for a few seconds / make it pause / wait for the video clip to download completely / when it's finished, you can start it for good  -it happens to work ;-)

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26 février 2011 6 26 /02 /février /2011 16:09


   In "The King's Speech",

   Colin Firth is the leading

   actor -he plays King George VI 

   <<<  click on the poster

   to view an article on the film

   from the Internet Movie Database


Watch one of the film's trailers :


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26 février 2011 6 26 /02 /février /2011 11:49


In 10 minutes, French Schools from the last holiday 'area' will be on holiday, at last

These French "potato-shaped" cartoon characters by Martin Vidberg are hopefully making both pupils & teachers smile and relax :


From Martin Vidberg's blog



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