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22 octobre 2010 5 22 /10 /octobre /2010 07:36

Halloween infographics

The first infographic below tells us the different names of Hallowe'en... but it also explains how come today we carve pumpkins... and not turnips  ! Click on it, and you'll also discover other interesting facts about All Hallows Eve  :o)

Nowadays Halloween is widely celebrated in the U.S.A. : can you imagine how the Americans are going to spend their money this Halloween ? Click on the infographic to get the full-size picture.


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21 octobre 2010 4 21 /10 /octobre /2010 13:24




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20 octobre 2010 3 20 /10 /octobre /2010 12:46

TECH - AUDIO training

Watch the video closely

then find the mistakes you must avoid during an interview :

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Published by M. Mirza - dans SCIENCES & TECH
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19 octobre 2010 2 19 /10 /octobre /2010 14:41

You've already got 2 articles on colours (October  11  and  12 )

with vocabulary and idioms mindmaps.


I've just found a poster visualising the colours of the main internet brands :

click on the illustration to get it full-size.


Quite an unusual way of analysing names... don't you think ?!

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17 octobre 2010 7 17 /10 /octobre /2010 23:05

This amazingly beautiful video clip

not only shows stunning pictures, but it also

conveys the only message worth getting about firearms :

fight guns !


Thanks so much to Mr R. RIOLON, the colleague who reminded me of this clip :o)

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16 octobre 2010 6 16 /10 /octobre /2010 23:06



Below, a presentation explores how different kinds of technology users are related to public radio material. Some of the opportunities for media organizations now lie with new audiences using new technologies.

This slideshow was presented at the annual conference of Public Radio  Program  Directors and portions ; it was also shown on a webinar by Lee Rainie for 175 public media practioners for the National Center for Media Engagement (September 9, 2009). 

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16 octobre 2010 6 16 /10 /octobre /2010 17:47

FREE RICE is a word game
You have to find the proper synonym with a word among 4 answers.

  <<<  Click and choose your answers !

For each right answer, "Freerice" donates 10 grains of rice to the



The more you answer (right !), the more rice you can give. The faster you play, the more rice these people can get... 82,992,737,250 (nearly 83 billion !) grains of rice have been earned today. That is enough to feed more than 4.3 million people for one day !  Besides, it's a nice way of practising, and you will improve your vocabulary ! 


A few facts and figures on hunger :

Should we design the world as a 100-people  village...

- 24 of them would lack electricity ;

- 25 would lack safe water in their homes (or close to them) ;-

- 32 could not breathe clean air ;

- no sanitary facilities for 40 of them.

What about food ?

- 50 of them are hungry some or all of the time because they lack a reliable source of food ;

- 20 are severely malnourished all the time ;

Only 30 inhabitants have enough to eat

in this world village !


In 2010 there are 1.02 billion hungry people (= 15 % of the world population -approximately 6.8 billion). By 2050 food production needs to increase by 70 % to feed the estimated world population of 9 billion people...

and today is WORLD HUNGER DAY.

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15 octobre 2010 5 15 /10 /octobre /2010 21:29


+ interested B1 & above

Declaration of the Committee of Ministers on network neutrality

manuscript-featherpen-copie-1Click on the manuscript

  "The member states of the Council of Europe have repeatedly expressed their commitment to the protection and promotion of human rights on the Internet. This applies in particular to the fundamental rights to freedom of expression and information regardless of frontiers, the right to respect for private life and correspondence, the right to freedom of thought and religion, the right to freedom of association, the right to education and the right to the protection of property, as well as to related procedural rights guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights. [...]"


Adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 29 September 2010
at the 1094th meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies

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14 octobre 2010 4 14 /10 /octobre /2010 00:02


is a British graffiti artist and a political activist


  Banksy's website
(see the "Outdoors" page !)

 four-picture slideshow 
  Banksy fakes Edward Hopper

          A   slideshow in the First Post 
  Banksy on Flick'r Gallery 


On October 21, the latest Simpsons episode will show an intro

created by Banksy :


"It's the first time an artist has been invited to storyboard part of the show and when you see it, you'll be shocked that he made it past the network executives.  Amazing, quite dark, and incredibly complex." WoosterCollective says... and they're dead right !


from the BBCnews :
  "Banksy creates new Simpsons title sequence"
from the Guardian (October 11) :
"Banksy takes Simpsons into sweatshop"


Watch ITV short report - Though the picture is identical...

the video is different  :-)   


The transcript is in the red folder  -click !


Actually the artist had already sprayed a parody of the Simpsons :

updated March 29, 2011

In conclusion, here is an 08'03" video I found on YouTube channel. Actually it is rather a slide show which displays numerous spray paintings and graffiti he made in many countries. I hope you'll like them -I think they're worth watching :-)



Well... this short trip throughout Banksy's sprayed art and ideas is over... for now ! I hope you've enjoyed it and you'll find these websources useful  : don't hesitate to send your feedback in a comment :o)


>>>  Banksy's Simpsons Intro on YouTube Channel <<<

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13 octobre 2010 3 13 /10 /octobre /2010 19:45

The Instant Kiwi TV ad

was released in 1999.



This   commercial   arouses  laughter  anywhere exams are held :o)

The ad illustrates the NZ Lotteries Board  "Instant Kiwi" : in September 1989, the New Zealand Lottery Board introduced the game, which caused instant laughter. The TV ad  is aimed at 18 -year olds, like the students in this brief story. Here the main character is a student who eventually proves to be far smarter than the teacher :o)

The game is called "Instant Kiwi" because you know if you are the winner not even 1 minute after buying the ticket !

It consists of a card with nine squares on it : punters scratch off 3 squares of their choice. If the 3 are identical, the punter wins that amount of money.



Ad developed by creative director Gavin Bradley, copywriter Kim Thorp, art director Robbie Kantor & agency producer Martin Gray. Filming directed by T. Williams - Visual effects : Digital Post. This ad inspired a scene in the film  The Slackers"  (U.S.A. - 2002)

Thanks !! to C. Dorleans, the colleague who got me to discover this clip :o)

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