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  • : View, listen, read... speak & write. Variety's on this English menu and I wish you fun practising ! Fais-toi plaisir au fil des documents et des articles pour progresser en anglais :-)
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14 octobre 2010 4 14 /10 /octobre /2010 00:02


is a British graffiti artist and a political activist


  Banksy's website
(see the "Outdoors" page !)

 four-picture slideshow 
  Banksy fakes Edward Hopper

          A   slideshow in the First Post 
  Banksy on Flick'r Gallery 


On October 21, the latest Simpsons episode will show an intro

created by Banksy :


"It's the first time an artist has been invited to storyboard part of the show and when you see it, you'll be shocked that he made it past the network executives.  Amazing, quite dark, and incredibly complex." WoosterCollective says... and they're dead right !


from the BBCnews :
  "Banksy creates new Simpsons title sequence"
from the Guardian (October 11) :
"Banksy takes Simpsons into sweatshop"


Watch ITV short report - Though the picture is identical...

the video is different  :-)   


The transcript is in the red folder  -click !


Actually the artist had already sprayed a parody of the Simpsons :

updated March 29, 2011

In conclusion, here is an 08'03" video I found on YouTube channel. Actually it is rather a slide show which displays numerous spray paintings and graffiti he made in many countries. I hope you'll like them -I think they're worth watching :-)



Well... this short trip throughout Banksy's sprayed art and ideas is over... for now ! I hope you've enjoyed it and you'll find these websources useful  : don't hesitate to send your feedback in a comment :o)


>>>  Banksy's Simpsons Intro on YouTube Channel <<<

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Published by M. Mirza - dans Street ART
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13 octobre 2010 3 13 /10 /octobre /2010 19:45

The Instant Kiwi TV ad

was released in 1999.



This   commercial   arouses  laughter  anywhere exams are held :o)

The ad illustrates the NZ Lotteries Board  "Instant Kiwi" : in September 1989, the New Zealand Lottery Board introduced the game, which caused instant laughter. The TV ad  is aimed at 18 -year olds, like the students in this brief story. Here the main character is a student who eventually proves to be far smarter than the teacher :o)

The game is called "Instant Kiwi" because you know if you are the winner not even 1 minute after buying the ticket !

It consists of a card with nine squares on it : punters scratch off 3 squares of their choice. If the 3 are identical, the punter wins that amount of money.



Ad developed by creative director Gavin Bradley, copywriter Kim Thorp, art director Robbie Kantor & agency producer Martin Gray. Filming directed by T. Williams - Visual effects : Digital Post. This ad inspired a scene in the film  The Slackers"  (U.S.A. - 2002)

Thanks !! to C. Dorleans, the colleague who got me to discover this clip :o)

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Published by M. Mirza - dans ADVERTISING
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13 octobre 2010 3 13 /10 /octobre /2010 17:39

This recap sheet helps you

remember the basic rules as for writing letters

http://www.clker.com/cliparts/3/b/0/d/12247844751816776100wsnaccad_feather-pen.svg.thumb.pngYou'll find here  a model for formal letters,

and two tables including various formulas

for both informal letters and formal letters.







Thanks indeed to Ms Fernandes, who created the document I adapted :o)

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12 octobre 2010 2 12 /10 /octobre /2010 08:35

First, take this quiz :

                               C O L O U R S

   1) The name of a flower is also the other

        name of this colour :



A second mindmap, below   This one includes some of these colour idioms.


It'll help you check some of your answers.

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10 octobre 2010 7 10 /10 /octobre /2010 23:01

Colours are often used to describe and qualify :

V0C_colours-mindmap.jpgClick this   illustration

to view a mind-map I've just prepared to help you revise their names.


Click >>> COLOURS <<<  & listen to

their pronunciation :o)

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10 octobre 2010 7 10 /10 /octobre /2010 21:34

... non violent like Nobel Peace prizes Liu Xiaobo, or Aung San Suu Kyi

(2010 and 1991), committed to social change (and a bright writer too !) like Mario Vargas Llosa... and so much more !

Click on the illustration below to find a few facts & figures about them :



Below, a few words by the 2010 Nobel Literature prize, Mario Vargas Llosa :


Click on the photo ^^^ to watch the video !

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9 octobre 2010 6 09 /10 /octobre /2010 16:14


Above is the symbol of WPD for the next three years.

World Post Day is said to "give governments and Posts an opportunity to demonstrate just how much the ever-expanding range of postal services contributes to national economic growth."



The Universal Postal Union's was established in 1874 in Bern -the Swiss capital. It was declared World Post Day by the UPU Congress held in Tokyo (Japan), in 1969.

- Each year World Post Day marks its anniversary on October 9 -

It aims at making people aware of the importance of the role played by the postal sector in people's everyday lives and work. Below you can view a few stamps celebrating World Post Day : from Luxemburgh / Syria / Poland / South Africa.http://www.mediabd.com/store_images/stamps/3/481_s.jpg




(1) : Mail box photo by   tricky TM  

under license CC BY-NC-SA

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7 octobre 2010 4 07 /10 /octobre /2010 13:50



Click above to view

the body and its different parts :

First, listen to the 42" audio file : it lists different parts of the body that you can see on the drawings . They are pronounced a litlle fast... but you can already recognize   many of them.  Then, put the mouse pointer on each blank circle :

you will read the name of the part of the body...

and you'll hear its pronunciation too  :-)


You can also revise the

VOCABULARY of the main parts of the FACE / HEAD

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4 octobre 2010 1 04 /10 /octobre /2010 21:21

London : the Tube workers on strike


The workers in London's Tube have literally jammed the Tube system with a one-day strike. As about 3.5 million people a day use the London Tube, each day of strike costs the city £47,355,000 (=75 million dollars)  the London Chamber of Commerce estimates. Commuters are crowding buses and overrunning the remaining operating service.


The Tube workers are opposing plans to cut some 800  ticket office jobs.  "The past week or so has seen labor strikes across Europe, as governments there make deep cuts in spending to make up for increasing deficits." NPR news say.


The Tube, or underground, is the British for the U.S. "subway" : a train circulating underground, especially in large cities. Paris' underground is named the  "Métro".


First, why is it called the "Tube" ? The answer is quite easy : this nickname comes from the nearly circular tube-like tunnels through which the small profile trains travel. The photograph below shows a northbound Northern Line train leaving a tunnel mouth just north of Hendon Central station :

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/93/Why_London_Underground_is_nicknamed_The_Tube.jpgPhoto and caption by Spsmiler, in the Public Domain

                  A few key facts and figures : 

click on ^^^ the above photo

You'll also find a history of the London underground in this Simple English Wikipedia article :

... and here, you'll get the  >>> London Transport Museum

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Published by M. Mirza - dans Society - Economics
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3 octobre 2010 7 03 /10 /octobre /2010 18:40

From 3 to 14 October, the Commonwealth Games

are held in Dehli -India



A tiger is the mascot of the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Here, you can see Shera on a stamp.

"DELHI, Oct 3 – Prince Charles opened the 19th Commonwealth Games on Sunday at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in a spectacular opening ceremony that evoked the cultures and traditions of ancient and modern India.  It is the first time India has hosted the Games and only the second time the event has been held in Asia, after Kuala Lumpur in 1998. [...]"


In the video-clip below, you can see the Queen's Baton Relay for the 2010 Commonwealth Games started in October... 2009 !

Watch the route the Baton needs to travel to reach its final destination : Dehli. [00'26"]


Dehli's Commonwealth Games ^^^ facts & figures  


Click on the photo to view...

http://www.pdclipart.org/albums/Cameras/thumb_camera_lens.pngCommonwealth Games photos on the BBC website.

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