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MUSIC's also a way...

   ... to the 'Anglosphere' :o)
4 juillet 2010 7 04 /07 /juillet /2010 17:43

This Muppets' Pledge of Alliance
parodies the US :

Though the animation may look rather childish, it's full of history data. Try and answer these questions :
1) What are the three notions Sam the Eagle points out at the beginning of his speech ?
2) Which symbols of the American civilization & history can you see behind the Muppet band (name at least 2  of them) ?

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3 juillet 2010 6 03 /07 /juillet /2010 16:25


... balanced time !

Use time wisely and well"

That's Philip George Zimbardo's message. The American social psychologist has studied time perspective and how it affects our work, health and well-being. The 10-minute animation below is part of a talk he gave at the RSA (the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) :

It might give food for thought about education as well ;o)

His full talk on YouTube channel :

The Secret Powers of Time      

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2 juillet 2010 5 02 /07 /juillet /2010 09:15

The animated picture below is based on a clip that promotes going to a movie theater rather than watching TV at home ! View the short commercial below :

    clip from the Public Domain (the Internet Archive website)

Charmingly outfashioned...  it must be the reason why it looks funny. Besides, given the temperatures out there at the moment, I do agree on their suggestion  :  why not go  to  the cinema ??  It's  so  much  cooler  than your home ;o)


a movie theater = American English for "cinema"

rather than  (plutôt que -de-)

a commercial = an advertisement on TV

outdated = the opposite to 'fashionable', 'trendy', 'in'

Why not + V ? <=>   making a suggestion

ex : "It's Sarah's birthday... why not invite her at the restaurant ?''

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23 juin 2010 3 23 /06 /juin /2010 17:13

This cool animation has nothing to do with English  -nor schoolwork ; maybe it's not exactly your favourite kind of music, but give it a try : it might help you relax after your exams :o)




The animation music, "Comptine d'un autre été : l'après-midi", was created by a French musician, Yann Tiersen. He composed it for the film "Amélie Poulain" (2001).

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19 juin 2010 6 19 /06 /juin /2010 20:46

Here are grammar handouts


which might help some of you.

Just click on the links below to get recaps about :

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19 juin 2010 6 19 /06 /juin /2010 20:13

The textbook "Insight" includes a few documents to help you revise.

This recap is about the  wordings of your exam : click on the multicolour folder :


Revoir les ^^^ENONCES

Revise your English exam WORDINGS


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18 juin 2010 5 18 /06 /juin /2010 18:29


Education Week : Digital Directions

http://www.pdclipart.org/albums/Computers/thumb_laptop_glossy.pngClick on the ^^^  laptop picture

to read the article "Educators connect digital games to learning".... A few gripping ideas, indeed ! An excerpt (I underlined some of the text) :

"TIPS :   1. Play a little. To be effective at integrating digital games into learning, teachers should spend time playing games themselves. [...]   4. Rely on students. Many are familiar with digital games, and asking them to share their knowledge can be engaging and empowering.   5. Don't be afraid. For game-based instruction to be successful, teachers have to feel comfortable making mistakes. If teachers avoid new approaches, they will not embrace innovative teaching methods."


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14 juin 2010 1 14 /06 /juin /2010 18:54

World Cup fans: how to blow your own trumpet

http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3504/3893281940_ecf879f89f.jpg                                                                               (1)

"Stadium horns  -or vuvuzelas-  require a pucker, lots of puff and some practice, advise experts" : read the article from the Guardian.

Just click on :



(1)  Photo by kjpm, licensed under CC BY-NC

a pucker  (faire la) grimace, la moue, plisserr les lèvres

require = (here) need

puff (souffle)

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11 juin 2010 5 11 /06 /juin /2010 21:55

Today, the FIFA World Cup started in Cape Town

That's why you'll find data and information about  -no, not football !-  South-Africa :o)

   To begin with, here's the South-African national anthem :   thumb a funny music note-copie-1





national anthem = a country's official song which is played and/or sung

on public occasions

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8 juin 2010 2 08 /06 /juin /2010 20:44

  It's Etienne's turn now...



Click  >>>    


        on the blurred   picture... 


and you'll find out !   



blurred (picture) = indistinct (picture)

(1)  by Photo by Pete Abshton, licensed under CC BY-NC


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