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MUSIC's also a way...

   ... to the 'Anglosphere' :o)
9 mai 2010 7 09 /05 /mai /2010 16:24


  If you need a break... just click on the logo below : 

http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/img/global/tol-logo.gifto open a 26-cartoon slideshow by Peter Brookes.

His 'Nature notes' ferociously match politicians

with animals : have fun :o)

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8 mai 2010 6 08 /05 /mai /2010 22:58

What is a "hung Parliament" ?

It is the state of the British Parliament... right now ! Professor Robert Hazell, Director of the Constitution Unit in UCL's(1) School of Political Science, explains what a hung Parliament means for the UK.

(1) : UCL = University College London
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7 mai 2010 5 07 /05 /mai /2010 19:02

Click on the ballot box to get the results :

http://www.pdclipart.org/albums/Election_Day/thumb_election_ballot_box.pngThe map below helps visualize where the various parties got their votes :


  Conservative Party

Labour Party

Liberal Democrat Party

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5 mai 2010 3 05 /05 /mai /2010 16:21

"Black music" is a documentary film

shown on ARTE channel

The documentary was released in 2008, and it depicts the history and the evolution of black music in the U.S.A.


Clicking ^^^ on the note

will get you to open the 1st part of the film. 

Though the film is commented in French, it also includes original speeches and quotes by famous black leaders, singers or groups... and a great deal of songs are performed.

'Behind' the piano...  is the 2nd part of the documentary :

thumb_whitePiano_09.png I hope you'll enjoy the musical ride too :o)

Be patient... it takes long to dowload the 2 parts of the film ;)


to depict = to portray = to describe, to show in details

a great deal of = lots of, a large quantity of (loads of)

Both films are used here for educational purposes and remain (c) ARTE

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1 mai 2010 6 01 /05 /mai /2010 17:54



 Nowadays everyone's delivering presentations (you know...  what they call Powerpoints)  and sometimes it gets awfully ineffective... Here's what presentations ought not to be :

This one suggests how to deliver better presentations instead :
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30 avril 2010 5 30 /04 /avril /2010 21:04

How Louisiana became American

1) "The U.S. purchased Louisiana"

       means that they...

  lent Louisiana
  sold Louisiana
  borrowed Louisiana
  bought Louisiana
Try to remember the previous video clip !


 And now you've done the quiz... let's have a closer look at question 4 (the price of Louisiana puchase) : in the video, we can hear one of the prices that is in the quiz answers...

    But  the other sources I've found tell the deal cost         $ 15,000,000 ! See : The nation expands  page, on "Interactives - United States history maps". Also re-read Simple Wikipedia Louisiana purchase article :

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/63/Wikipedia-logo.pngClick  ^^^ here 

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30 avril 2010 5 30 /04 /avril /2010 17:58

... 1803

  At that time, the land that America bought was much larger than modern Louisiana :

Click on this ^^^ coin                   
to read Simple Wikipedia's article on Louisiana purchase

[The coin is the reverse of the United States "Louisiana Purchase/Peace Medal" ; the photo is in the Public Domain]
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29 avril 2010 4 29 /04 /avril /2010 13:37

A funny BBC teacher introduces you idioms connected with 'tea' :


All right... instead of trying to imitate the rude noises you've heard in the end of the video, you'd better find a French equivalent to the 3 idioms you've just learnt in the video !

Check your answers in the

green folder  <<<  click !



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27 avril 2010 2 27 /04 /avril /2010 00:02


                                Click ^^^ on HOLLYWOOD           (1)    

to get the video on the BCnews site : listen to the interview of Hugh Hefner, who explains what Hollywood means to him, and why he decided to help rescue its famous symbol.


http://www.pdclipart.org/albums/Computers/thumb_open_folder_purple.pngOpen ^^^   this folder :

complete the transcript of the interview and answer the comprehension questions


(1)   :  Photo by Jon Sullivan, in the Public Domain

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26 avril 2010 1 26 /04 /avril /2010 21:22

This video is quite funny : it shows Rowan Atkinson (the famous "Mr Bean") and Hugh Laurie ("Doctor House") playing Blackadder and William Shakespeare.

Click on the manuscript below


to read the transcript of the sketch.

I hope you'll have fun !

By the way, William Shakespeare was baptised

on April... 26  (in 1564).

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