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MUSIC's also a way...

   ... to the 'Anglosphere' :o)
11 avril 2010 7 11 /04 /avril /2010 22:10

Can you imagine reasons why learn English ?   

As for me, before I started learning English at school, I loved the songs I listened to and most of them had English lyrics...

... thus, I learned English because I did love the music of its words :-)

What about you ?

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11 avril 2010 7 11 /04 /avril /2010 22:02

Dance is a universal language

  This video clip shows dancing also means communicating...

... in a way everybody understands :o)

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7 avril 2010 3 07 /04 /avril /2010 19:53

Do you know "America on the Move" ?

  It includes an online exhibit by the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

>>>   America on the Move  shows the evolution of transportation  in the United States. You can also learn and test your knowledge with games : each game requires you to analyse information about the history of transportation.

Why not play  "Drive through time", for a start ?!

 Click on this old train...


... you'll have to stop a spinning clock to select a year in the past ; then, you can select a scenario and the appropriate mode of transportation for that scenario's era.


an exhibit (exposition) 

   spin = turn around and around, especially fast

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6 avril 2010 2 06 /04 /avril /2010 19:13

dedicated to MATHS students

Mathematics sometimes look gorgeous...

even to me :o)

That's why I exceptionnaly put this video clip on the blog though it is commented in French : if you find an English version of 'Dimensions', don't hesitate to contact me so that I can replace this one !
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5 avril 2010 1 05 /04 /avril /2010 22:24

First, click on the picture below

to open your worksheet : 



... then, watch the video clip step by step : you must follow the instructions on your worksheet !

You'll need to stop the video now and then, before continuing to answer the questions  !

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5 avril 2010 1 05 /04 /avril /2010 18:18

To make your English more authentic

you also need to use typical English phrases, sayings... idioms.


For instance, most of you know that when in France "Il pleut des cordes" -i.e. "It's raining ropes"- the British would rather say "It's raining cats and dogs" !



Since it's still Easter, eggs are still on the menu today : I've prepared a worksheet presenting a few phrases and idioms that include the word "egg" : practise with 2 brief activities !

Just click on the above ^^ picture to get the worksheet

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4 avril 2010 7 04 /04 /avril /2010 20:13

Egg rolling, or an Easter egg roll 

is a traditional game played with eggs at Easter. The versions of this game vary from one country to another, and they are traditionnally played with hard-boiled decorated eggs.

Here's a photo of the White House Egg Rolling...


                   ... in 1929 !                           (1)

 Click on the White^^ House in the background :

you'll get more details on the egg roll tradition.


By the way, an "egg roll" or a "pancake roll" is the Americans name of a "spring roll" : it is "a savoury Chinese pancake which is rolled up, filled with small pieces of vegetables and sometimes meat and fried" (from the  Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary online )   


  (1) Picture from the Public Domain

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4 avril 2010 7 04 /04 /avril /2010 14:57

One of Easter traditions is hiding eggs in the garden...

for the kids to find them out. Easter is also the opportunity to decorate them and put them in a basket.


easter-perforated-egg.jpg (1)

  This amazing one was perforated with a dentist's drill.



dentist's drill = an instrument used by dentists to treat teeth

more generally, drills are used to make holes

(1) : Photo from the Public Domain

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2 avril 2010 5 02 /04 /avril /2010 22:17


On Wednesday I told you about the difference between adjectives ending in -ed and adjectives ending in -ing.

As for vocabulary, there are different ways of learning new words or phrases.

For example, you can "organise" them visually, and classify them like a sort of word web  (it is also named a 'mind map').

Sometimes I draw some in class, on the board, while brainstorming vocabulary  with you :o)


  Click on the ^^^ puzzle

to get an example.

Watch the mind map I've just made with words and phrases

derived from the word 'puzzle'  :o)

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1 avril 2010 4 01 /04 /avril /2010 18:57


Children who blog, text or use social networking websites are more confident about their writing skills, according to the

National Literacy Trust

"The more forms of communications children use, the stronger their core literary skills."  

Jonathan Douglas (N.L.T.) says

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/d1/Souris_ordinateur.png/800px-Souris_ordinateur.pngan article from the BBCnews website Zoe Kleinman, Technology reporter

last updated Thursday, 3 December 2009

      ^ it's here !

"[...] "Our research suggests a strong correlation between kids using technology and wider patterns of reading and writing," Jonathan Douglas, director of the National Literacy Trust, told BBC News. "Engagement with online technology drives their enthusiasm for writing short stories, letters, song lyrics or diaries."

Mr Douglas dismissed criticisms about the informal writing styles often adopted in online chat and "text speak", both of which can lack grammar and dictionary-correct spelling. [...]"

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