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22 avril 2009 3 22 /04 /avril /2009 11:34

Do you have good Facebook manners ?

"Timmy and Alice don’t.
Watch their bad behavior to learn the dos and don’ts of Facebook etiquette."

Timmy and Alice are in a typical 1950’s setting.
The television, the 5 tube radio, the 'Remington Rand' typewriter, and the Brownie camera
were all carefully chosen to make this fake computing machine.
All these elements were specific to the U.S.A. in those days.

This video (created by YourTango.com) was released 3 days ago on the Big Fuel Communications blog :
they are a New York based marketing and communications company
"dedicated to content marketing and consumer engagement".
                                                                                             behavior : US spelling  / behaviour : UK spelling 
                                                                                             "the dos and don'ts" 
= what people should do, what they shouldn't
                                                                                                                                        do (the rules / how to behave

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29 décembre 2008 1 29 /12 /décembre /2008 17:20


Language is a high-speed train...

Mac Millan ELT (English Language Teaching) show
how words turn into graphics in this nice video advert
for their latest dictionary :

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23 décembre 2008 2 23 /12 /décembre /2008 18:40
"What's this ?"
 Jack Skellington  -from 'Hallowe'en Town'-  opens a portal to 'Christmas Town'...



This video clip is a passage from the film "The Nightmare Before Christmas", by Tim BURTON. Though the story originates in a poem Burton had written in the early 1980's, the film was released in 1993.

portal = a large important entrance
(to) originate in... = come from a particular place / time / situation / etc

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4 septembre 2000 1 04 /09 /septembre /2000 17:18


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