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You have all heard of "etiquette"  < < < these strict rules people have to obey in some social groups (think of courts for example) : how to dress, eat, walk etc...
But I am not telling you about  this sort  of etiquette here.

The word 'netiquette' was built upon the words "net" [for the Internet] + "etiquette". Netiquette thus corresponds to elementary rules that everyone should respect when surfing on the web (and in any electronic message).

Here are the major rules. . .                    

- On forums, discussion groups or lists, think of introducing yourself   and greeting the other members before you start writing a post.
- If you write a subject to your post, be as specific as you can : "electricity"   (for example)  is too vague !
- Read the FAQ (1) before you post and use the search function. So, you'll avoid sending questions already asked... and being off topic.
- Explaining in 3 paragraphs that cars are much so better than motorbikes   ...on a motorbike forum, means trolling : trolls are not well considered (avoid being provocative) !
- Do not write in capital letters : it would correspond to shouting. Also avoid punctuating with too many exclamation marks.
- Respect the future readers : write correct English and mind your spelling : texting language (or SMS) is banned on the net.
- You mustn't flood lists  -flooding is sending the same sort of message ten times   ... in 10' !
- Advertising your products (unless on a commercial site)  or stealing somebody   else's avatar  < < < is also  banned (2) !

Of course, there are other rules, but these are the main ones : if you think I forgot an essential rule,  just  tell me. 
                                    (1) : FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions

(2)But you'd never do this, would you ?! 

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