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28 juillet 2011 4 28 /07 /juillet /2011 23:10



Jim Denevan makes temporary drawings on sand earth and ice that are eventually  erased by waves and weather.












Not only does he create magical landscapes, but he also is a chef :-)  He's been sketching his temporary natural pictures in Florida, California, NY, Canada and many other places. He's involved in several art projects -see his stunning land art on his website (photos) !


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20 mars 2011 7 20 /03 /mars /2011 19:12

Here are some paintings illutrating spring :

The one I decided to start with was not painted by an English, American or  any other English-speaking painter...  yet, it is maybe the most famous allegory of the spring season in the world : can you recognise it ?






  "La Primavera" by      Sandro Botticelli





This one was painted by another Italian painter whose style is completely different and also famous nowadays :


"Primavera" by Arcimboldo

The painting below was painted by a Welsh painter :


"Spring" by Christopher Williams

If you look attentively at the painting below and analyse its style... I think you might guess who painted it :







it is "Fishing in Spring" by Vincent Van Gogh




"Early Spring" :


                                     was finished in 1072                                                  by Guo Xi

This one looks like a photograph but is also  painting : its author was American, and you know him since you've studied some of his paintings this year... its title is "Spring Flowers" and it was painted...


... YES ! By Norman Rockwell :-)

Below, a much 'cheaper' and modern version of other spring flowers :






"Spring green" is manufactured and sold by ElleWeiDeco  -though it's not "great" art, but rather a decorating product... I like it :)





Now practise : present each illustration, then describe it in detail. You can use the recap sheets that include locating prepositions and phrases and show how to locate people/things on a picture.

As a conclusion, tell which picture you like best and explain why.

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28 février 2011 1 28 /02 /février /2011 20:36


What about "The King's Speech" ?
1) What genre of film "The King's Speech" is not ?
A biopic
A drama
A historical film
A musical comedy

View Scoreboard

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28 février 2011 1 28 /02 /février /2011 08:15


Best film  and Best Actor Awards to Colin Firth, for "The King's Speech".

" 'The King's Speech' was crowned with the best picture" - by Xan Brooks

(February 28, 2011) ; article below  :

http://static.guim.co.uk/static/101909/zones/culture/images/logo.gifBest Actress Award to Natalie Portman (for "The Swan")

"Inception" got the best Sound Mixing and Sound Editing Awards.

I'm quoting these specific awards because I did like the films -esp. "Inception" and "The King's Speech"... but there is no point in listing all of them : you'll find them in "The Telegraph" article :


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27 février 2011 7 27 /02 /février /2011 17:34

                                              ... in "The King's Speech"               B2 & above            

Colin Firth at Dave Letterman's Show on CBS  -humourosly witty :o) 

The leading actor  -interviewed by Kathie Couric (from CBS news*)  

This is a 34-minute video -which might sound quite long to you...

But if you feel a bit scared ;-) you don't have to view/listen the whole document : just try and select 2 or 3 minutes to practise video comprehension. I suggest you start from the beginning  -your choice, though :-)


* : If your connection isn't fast enough, you can start the video (play) for a few seconds / make it pause / wait for the video clip to download completely / when it's finished, you can start it for good  -it happens to work ;-)

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26 février 2011 6 26 /02 /février /2011 16:09


   In "The King's Speech",

   Colin Firth is the leading

   actor -he plays King George VI 

   <<<  click on the poster

   to view an article on the film

   from the Internet Movie Database


Watch one of the film's trailers :


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20 novembre 2010 6 20 /11 /novembre /2010 22:37

A United States map illustrated with movies

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/44/Map_of_USA_in_ASL.pngClick on the illustration above

to  view a map of  the U.S.A. where  every  state is  matched  with  a movie : in "Dances with Wolves" (by/with Kevin Costner - 1990), the story takes place in South Dakota... And what about the other states ? Find out by clicking on each state : then you'll view a still from a movie that was shot in this state :o)

"Not everyone will agree [with our choices], but that’s OK

-after all, what’s more American than arguing over

national affairs ?"


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13 novembre 2010 6 13 /11 /novembre /2010 23:27

"Fair game" : an ambiguous title

that plays on words : a "fair game" is either a game played according to the rules... or game (animals) that may lawfully be hunted. Watch the trailer and guess which one is dealt with in the film :

Action / thriller - directed by Doug Liman (released in 2010)

Lead actors : Sean Penn plays Joe Wilson, Naomi Watts plays Valerie Plame

Plot : Valerie Plame is a CIA agent under cover. Her husband -Joe WILSON-,a former US ambassador- wrote an op-ed in the NY Times -"What I did not find in Africa"  <<< explaining that Bush administration had manipulated intelligence about weapons of mass distruction so as to justify the invasion of Iraq... thus White House officials blew up Valerie's cover to reveal her status of CIA agent... and discredit her husband.

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10 septembre 2010 5 10 /09 /septembre /2010 20:01

When I watched the film "Inception"...

... indeed, I was impressed with the special effects and the fabulous landscapes : honestly, I can still hear the threatening music leitmotiv playing... Besides, the actors were all pretty good and although the story was complex, it was  fascinating !

I have just found a graphic novel that tells the "Inception" story.


Click on the illustration ^^^ above

(it's a fake poster). This graphic novel looks like

comics : try and read it !


This beautiful poster was created by Jordan A. and licensed under

the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 

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9 septembre 2010 4 09 /09 /septembre /2010 17:06

"Inception" is Dom Cobb's last job :

this time, instead of extracting an idea from someone's dreams,

he will have to instil an idea into a man's dreams

 Matt Sinopoli, a web graphic designer, has designed the 5 levels of inception that the heroes will have to go through to achieve their goal.

  If you haven't seen the film yet, STOP reading and don't watch the illustration : "What follows should only be viewed by people who have already seen "Inception". It contains heavy, critical spoilers which will impact your viewing of the film."  If you've already seen the film... CLICK on the illustration :http://www.cinemablend.com/images/news/19643/_1280106601.jpg

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