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11 mars 2012 7 11 /03 /mars /2012 14:57

Assume  the U.S.A. has a population of 100 people, and see the wealth distribution of the US citizen :

http://visually.visually.netdna-cdn.com/WealthandInequalityintheUnitedStates_4f5e12c763a93.jpgYou may also view      a video assuming... the world's a village of 100 inhabitants 

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9 mars 2012 5 09 /03 /mars /2012 11:34

Facebook's now in Wall Street playground...

  the company turned up on January 31st.

The infographic below is a good opportunity for EFL learners to get words/expressions related to the Stock Exchange or the Economics field. Click on the illustration to observe the full-size picture closely before doing the vocabulary exercise [scroll down to the end of this article] :

Facebook IPO

Created by: AccountingDegreeOnline.net

under the BY-NC-ND Creative Commons license

Can you match the definitions below   with words or expressions in the infographic ?

estimate how much money something might be worth selling / causing to damage or to end / earn or get a large amount of money / have your money increase / method of paying at a later time, usually paying interest as well as the original money / a firm / creator / the first sale of a company's shares to the public / keeping or examining the records of money received, paid and owed by a company or person / fail / publicity income / person who owns some of the parts into which the possession of a company is divided

Beware, they are not in the right order :)

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4 janvier 2012 3 04 /01 /janvier /2012 15:33


New year resolutions infographic

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1 janvier 2012 7 01 /01 /janvier /2012 14:05
Digital DivideCreated by Online IT Degree


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27 juillet 2011 3 27 /07 /juillet /2011 16:36

The gigantic building on the right is not a skyscraper...

it is a heap of US banknotes figuring the amount of the U.S. unfunded liabilities :

114.5 Trillion Dollars -$114,500,000,000,000.

"[...]The unfunded liability is calculated on current tax and funding inputs, and future demographic shifts in US Population. [...]"

Source: Federal Reserve & USdebtclock

View how fast it's going...

Only 126 days ago :

Sources : Congressional Budget Office, USDebtClock.org, SNBC.com & Time.com
Let's see how things are going for Europe...



Source : "Europe web of debts" - 'The New York Times' - May 1, 2011

"Banks and governments in thes five  shaky economies owe each other many billions of euros -converted here to dollars- and have even larger debts to Britain, France and Germany. Arrow widths are proportional to debt amounts."

Can't see Britain, France or Germany's debt... does it mean they have none ? . . .

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13 juin 2011 1 13 /06 /juin /2011 17:26

HIGH LINE PARK - New York City










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13 juin 2011 1 13 /06 /juin /2011 13:52

Watch the CBS report issued on June 9, 2011 :

by Robert Smith (on npr -June 2009) 



 "New York's floating freight line"

an article on the BBC Planet website

(June 9, 2011)

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29 mai 2011 7 29 /05 /mai /2011 08:39

Student bullying in schools is a serious issue

The statistics show a student is bullied every seven minutes in the U.S.A., and that most of the time, bullying occurs on playgrounds. 77% of students are bullied and cyber-bullying is rapidly approaching this percentage as well.

Student BullyingA Michigan personal injury law firm, Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C., created the infographic above to display the facts and statistics about student bullying in the U.S.A. 

  How to fight bullying

a few suggestions on the government website :

what to do when you are being bullied  <<<

>>> what to do when someone is being bullied  -take a stand !

The infographic by Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. is licensed under a Creative Commons        Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License Creative Commons License

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28 avril 2011 4 28 /04 /avril /2011 20:32

Do you consider yourselves "Mac", "PC" or "neither" persons ?

'Hunch' used statistics based on more than 80 million responses to "Teach Hunch About You" questions : they were given by about 700,000 users of the website Hunch.com  -between March 2009 and April 2011.

http://blog.hunch.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/MacPCInfo7501.png  Among these answers 388,315 answered the question "Are you a Mac person, or a PC person ?"  A series of differences were outlined in self-identified PC and Mac people : those responses have been crossed with answers to other questions (among the 2,000-question question pool). The infographic eventually shows the various findings...

So... it's all relative 

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25 avril 2011 1 25 /04 /avril /2011 11:31

The Monopoly-like board below displays the main costs of education  -other than tuition fees :



The infographic below is a bit more comprehensive in showing the various costs pertaining to College :


It was designed by Jason Powers

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