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MUSIC's also a way...

   ... to the 'Anglosphere' :o)
19 juin 2010 6 19 /06 /juin /2010 20:46

Here are grammar handouts


which might help some of you.

Just click on the links below to get recaps about :

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19 juin 2010 6 19 /06 /juin /2010 20:13

The textbook "Insight" includes a few documents to help you revise.

This recap is about the  wordings of your exam : click on the multicolour folder :


Revoir les ^^^ENONCES

Revise your English exam WORDINGS


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9 mai 2010 7 09 /05 /mai /2010 20:47

Click on the British flag below

to complete the webquest you've started :



I adapted it from the webquest of 2 colleagues,

F. Davison and F. Duperray : thanks indeed to them ;o)

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27 décembre 2009 7 27 /12 /décembre /2009 19:25

Here is the American flag parody by ADbusters

you studied before Xmas holidays

You have already detailed the original U.S. flag & revised its different elements : you know what they stand for  -well, at least, you ought to know this :-|   You also know 2 different names given to the "American flag"... don't you ?


(to) stand for = represent, symbolise
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13 décembre 2009 7 13 /12 /décembre /2009 11:55
Here are a few links to help you explore the branding and [anti-]consumerism systems... enjoy your surfing :o)



The website of the Adbusters Media Foundation : ads and commercials that parody brand culture, and amagazine.

The Victoria & Albert Museum site : loads of resources worth visiting !

An informative site by the Institute of Packaging : all about the packaging industry, including education, design and technology.

The "website for the history of advertisign trust" : archives of the UK's advertising and marketing industries.

The official site of the Coca-Cola Company -contains information on the history of the brand.

The official site of Levi Strauss & Co., including the company history and information about the development of jeans.

Originally a support site for two activists sued for libel by McDonald's, the site has now become a focus for anti-consumerist criticism.

loads of...
= a great deal of..., lots of...
sued for libel = poursuivis pour diffamation
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6 décembre 2009 7 06 /12 /décembre /2009 14:57
Last month, you studied a passage from Nelson Mandela's autobiography ('Long walk to freedom') : it showed you that Mandela considered the oppressors needed to be liberated as well as the oppressed. The former A.N.C. leader might also have said this :

"The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor

is the mind of the oppressed."

However, he didn't : this quote is excerpted from the speech made in 1971 by Steve Biko, in Cape Town.

Steve Biko  <<<

The protest song "Biko" was released as a single in 1980 by Peter Gabriel.


former = ancient / previous


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22 novembre 2009 7 22 /11 /novembre /2009 19:53

As you have been studying an extract from Nelson Mandela's memoirs, I have just added "Mandela Day" in the blog music playlist (go right and scroll down). This song was written by the Scottish group 'Simple Minds' : it was released in their 1988 single (with the song "Belfast Child"). "Mandela Day" was first performed during the Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Tribute.

I do hope you will like the music, but if you don't... well, never mind because the lyrics will remind you of Mandela's fight against apartheid. Here they are :o)

Mandela Day
It was 25 years they take that man away
Now the freedom moves in closer every day
Wipe the tears down from your saddened eyes
They say Mandela's free so step outside
Oh oh oh oh Mandela day
Oh oh oh oh Mandela's free

It was 25 years ago this very day
Held behind four walls all through night and day
Still the children know the story of that man
And I know what's going on right through your land

25 years ago
Na na na na Mandela day
Oh oh oh Mandela's free

If the tears are flowing wipe them from your face
I can feel his heartbeat moving deep inside
It was 25 years they took that man away
And now the world come down say Nelson Mandela's free

Oh oh oh oh Mandela's free

The rising suns sets Mandela on his way
It's been 25 years around this very day
From the one outside to the ones inside we say
Oh oh oh oh Mandela's free
Oh oh oh set Mandela free

Na na na na Mandela day
Na na na na Mandela's free

25 years ago
What's going on
And we know what's going on
Cos' we know what's going on...

The Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Tribute was a popular-music concert staged in June, 1988 at Wembley Stadium, in London. The concert was broadcast to 67 countries -and an audience of 600 million people ! It was also referred to as "Freedomfest", "Free Nelson Mandela Concert" and "Mandela Day". However, the Fox television network heavily censored the political aspects of the concert, in the U.S.A.

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