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27 mars 2010 6 27 /03 /mars /2010 11:02
Switch lights off... tonight !
http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/c/c5/Lit_switch.jpg/150px-Lit_switch.jpgWhat do you know about 'Earth Hour' ?
Before taking the quiz, watch the Canadian video below once  -don't cheat ;-)  :
            And now...  YOUR  TURN !



'Earth Hour' 2010
1) Global warming develops...
  now and then
  much faster than predicted
  quite slowly, but regularly
  in people's mind : it's an illusion
                                     Take This Quiz
             And if you agree on this... don't forget to switch your   
                                      lights off, tonight ;o)                               


On the FUN/virtual 

lantern page of 


you can make 

your own lantern
to see better tonight                                                     
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Lilah 28/03/2010 12:45

Merci pour ce quiz, sympa :)
Les photos du clip sont impressionnantes !

M. Mirza 28/03/2010 12:47

Merci du compliment, ravie que l'article vous ait plu