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15 juin 2018 5 15 /06 /juin /2018 11:05
Facebook Privacy Fail
Image compliments of Top Web Design Schools
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21 décembre 2016 3 21 /12 /décembre /2016 12:36


Social Networkers' self-mockery ;o)


By kalokwong1 - on 9GAG.com, a fun sharing community

High School students & beyond :

Decode the reasons why the author of the poster has chosen each explanation...  can you answer these questions?

Twitter : "I'm eating bacon"

How long are the messages displayed on Twitter? So, why is the verb "eat" present continuous?

Fbook : "I like bacon"

... hmmm. Nah, I won't help you! The answer's far too easy...

LinkedIn : "I have skills including eating bacon"

If you don't know this network, check what  linkedin is... and you'll get the answer! The key-word is "skills".

Foursquare : "This is where I eat bacon"

Which is the key-word? 1st clue : this one helps to find places - 2nd clue : check it here!

YouTube : "Watch me eat my bacon"

... you know the answer-key comes with the word "watch", don't you?

. . .  ?? : "Here's a vintage photo of my bacon"

Well, I give up : it's surely a photography social media, but I couldn't find what this logo corresponds to : if you can find the social media it represents, please tell me!

⇒  I knew you'd find it (1)  : the logo shows Instagram's camera.

Pinterest : "Here's a recipe with bacon"

Why not explain what ' Pinterest' is?

Google+ : "I work for Google and eat bacon"

How does Google work -I mean how does it earn money? As a result... why does the poster tell that you work for Google whenever you use it on the web pages you surf?

Last.fm : "I'm listening to music about bacon"

Well, both "fm" and "listening to music" are clues to a proper answer : what can you do on this website? Who owns last.fm? You'll find the answer here.


Here you are : hope you've learnt a bit more on a few Internet social media networks and had fun :)

  (1) : thanks to SteF

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25 février 2013 1 25 /02 /février /2013 14:16

The title of the infographic below is quite provocative...

Not only does it outline parents' concern with their children's activities online, but it also gathers various data on the latter.

It displays find information on Cyberbullying and a list of the U.S. states with cyber bullying laws, what the youngsters think of Fbook parental controls... and more !


Why Parents Hate Social Networking Sites


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10 février 2013 7 10 /02 /février /2013 20:28

This infographic shows the use of social media by students in some worldwide known US Colleges.

Can you draw a few conclusions on these social media surfers' profile ? Which features can be found in the US Colleges that most use the Pinterest network... or Twitter ? Or...


The Most Social Colleges

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28 novembre 2012 3 28 /11 /novembre /2012 16:10

Teenagers' secret life on the web

Life on line may be risky if you don’t apply the proper amount of security : then, ou may be in trouble ! You need to make sure your information is safe and that no one can get their hands on it.



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17 octobre 2012 3 17 /10 /octobre /2012 09:26


that will show you the Internet  -and the way we use it-  has changed. Not only have its technical features evolved, but our habits have, too !


Consider these data and information closely, then report...

- what the Internet features were, 10 years ago ;

- what has varied, and how it has changed, today.

PRACTISE                                                                                             the use of PRETERITE (PAST simple) / PRESENT PERFECT

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3 mars 2012 6 03 /03 /mars /2012 07:39

What kind of mobile user are you ?

How do you see yourself and...


... how do other mobile users see you ?!

Comic from the csectioncomics.com website


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13 janvier 2012 5 13 /01 /janvier /2012 22:55

... more than alcohol, chocolate, exercise, or...  ?

"TeleNav survey examines Americans' attachment to mobile phones ; finds iPhone users are least willing to let go of their devices [...]"http://allthingsd.com/files/2011/08/would-you-rather-infographic.pngAbout the survey [August 2011]  <<

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1 novembre 2011 2 01 /11 /novembre /2011 10:12




There are many reasons why people tweet :  tweets may be personal conversation or professional information. Twitter accounts are often used to promote oneself and one's business or website. The iinfographic also displays Twitter business value, who the most famous Tweeters are, and depicts the average Tweeter profile -male or female ? How old ? Is he/she a father/mother? And so on...


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22 octobre 2011 6 22 /10 /octobre /2011 19:31

On Facebook, you can feel as if you had loads of "friends".

This is likely to be considered a 'pro'-Facebook argument -guess so.

The infographic below displays some cons though -on a loooooooong wall :







The visual deals with...









May 31st, 2010 :

"Quit Facebook Day"





September 23rd; 2010 :

Facebook's "worst outage"





Facebook's revenue   





Wall Street's "hottest tech deal"

with Facebook





Facebook's Pad inability to print






& many more.





Click on the illustration      

to get full details               

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