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  is a comprehensive electrical and electronic
terminology database online

The encyclopedia contains more than 20,000 terms and definitions in English and French
and it also offers  Arabic,  Italian, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish (etc) translations 
-varying according to subject areas.

> > >  Electropedia  is produced by the
the International Electrotechnical Commission

This world’s leading organization prepares and publishes International Standards
for all electrical, electronic and related technologies  –collectively known as “electrotechnology”.

The "IEV Online", aka Electropedia, includes these subject areas :

101 Mathematics
111 Physics and chemistry
121 Electromagnetism
131 Circuit theory
141 Polyphase systems and circuits
151 Electrical and magnetic devices
161 Electromagnetic compatibility
191 Dependability and quality of service
195 Earthing and protection against electric shock
212 Insulating solids, liquids and gases
221 Magnetic materials and components
311 Electrical and electronic measurements - General terms relating to measurements
312 Electrical and electronic measurements - General terms relating to electrical measurements
313 Electrical and electronic measurements - Types of electrical measuring instruments
314 Electrical and electronic measurements - Specific terms according
to the type of instrument
321 Instrument transformers
351 Control technology
371 Telecontrol
393 Nuclear instrumentation - Physical phenomena and basic concepts
394 Nuclear instrumentation - Instruments, systems, equipment and detectors
411 Rotating machinery
415 Wind turbine generator systems
421 Power transformers and reactors
426 Electrical apparatus for explosive atmospheres
431 Transductors
436 Power capacitors
441 Switchgear, controlgear and fuses
442 Electrical accessories
444 Elementary relays
445 Specified time all-or-nothing relays
446 Electrical relays
448 Power system protection
461 Electric cables
466 Overhead lines
471 Insulators
482 Primary and secondary cells and batteries
521 Semiconductor devices and integrated circuits
Electronic tubes 
Printed circuits 
Power electronics 
561 Piezoelectric devices for frequency control and selection
581 Electromechanical components for electronic equipment
601 Generation, transmission and distribution of electricity - General
602 Generation, transmission and distribution of electricity - Generation
603 Generation, transmission and distribution of electricity - Power systems
planning and management
604 Generation, transmission and distribution of electricity - Operation
605 Generation, transmission and distribution of electricity - Substations
651 Live working
691 Tariffs for electricity
701 Telecommunications, channels and networks
702 Oscillations, signals and related devices
704 Transmission
705 Radio wave propagation
712 Antennas
713 Radiocommunications: transmitters, receivers, networks and operation
714 Switching and signalling in telecommunications
715 Telecommunication networks, teletraffic and operation
716 Integrated services digital network (ISDN) - Part 1: General aspects
721 Telegraphy, facsimile and data communication
722 Telephony
723 Broadcasting: Sound, television, data
725 Space radiocommunications
726 Transmission lines and waveguides
731 Optical fibre communication
732 Computer network technology
801 Acoustics and electroacoustics
806 Recording and reproduction of audio and video
807 Digital recording of audio and video signals
808 Video cameras for non-broadcasting
811 Electric traction
815 Superconductivity
821 Signalling and security apparatus for railways
826 Electrical installations
841 Industrial electroheat
845 Lighting
851 Electric welding
881 Radiology and radiological physics
891 Electrobiology

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