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10 janvier 2021 7 10 /01 /janvier /2021 15:32

Canadian wildlife : polar bear cubs

Before becoming the biggest land-predator on our planet, the polar bear is born small and helpless.

VOCABULARY : a cub = the young/baby of some carnivorous mammals  ||   land predator = a predator which lives on land (and not into water, or in the air)  ||  helpless = vulnerable, powerless


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6 janvier 2021 3 06 /01 /janvier /2021 13:07

101 Facts about Canada :

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20 janvier 2020 1 20 /01 /janvier /2020 23:19

"Exit Through The Gift Shop"

A documentary about the street art superstar

To read Banksy's interview (from the French newspaper 'Le Monde')

click on Banksy's rat :


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18 novembre 2019 1 18 /11 /novembre /2019 20:14

Choisis une célébrité anglophone sur laquelle tu vas travailler (à l'oral comme à l'écrit) : interview, présentation, biographie, etc...

Voici des dizaines de célébrités du monde littéraire, du sport, du cinéma, de la musique, des sciences, techniques & industrie, etc... fais tourner la roue et choisis-en une !



An example of interview :

an interview of two skateboarders from L.A. (Los Angeles) :

" Monica and Carl are teenagers from Los Angeles in the United States. They both love skateboarding. Read this interview with them and find out more about their favourite sport."


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10 mars 2017 5 10 /03 /mars /2017 11:37

Seven days to go before Saint Patrick's Day... but what can you tell about Saint Patrick ?

Watch the video to find out :

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9 mars 2017 4 09 /03 /mars /2017 12:46
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5 février 2017 7 05 /02 /février /2017 08:45

A  tragedy is “a play with an unhappy ending”...

... but this is just too simple : there's more !

Tragic plays can be traced back all the way to the beginnings of drama in Ancient Greece. In "Poetics", one of the first books of literary criticism, Aristotle set out the key features of tragedy. Tragic plays would mainly involve :

- a protagonist (the leading central figure) - a tragic hero ;

- a fatal flaw ;

- an antagonist (the opposite of the protagonist).

The protagonist is usually of royal or noble birth. In the course of the play, he/she reveals a character defect (a fatal flaw) which gets him/her  to go from success and happiness to failure, misery.... and, often, death -at the hands of an antagonist.

A tragedy was set out to provoke feelings of fear and pity in the audience [...] : a catharsis.

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