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27 novembre 2012 2 27 /11 /novembre /2012 11:49

  Cycle terminal -  B1/B2 

"The Unemployee of the Year"

is part of a campaign for unhatefoundation.org  -created by Benetton

The video clip

focuses on the "unemployees" ' right to dignity by highlighting that they're worth being put to good use.

View the video, then complete the script in the WORKSHEET below :



before doing the vocabulary exercises.

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30 septembre 2012 7 30 /09 /septembre /2012 10:18

"Colour is one of the most powerful methods of design. However, it is not entirely universal. Colours that entice in North America are different from those that entice in India [...]"


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14 novembre 2011 1 14 /11 /novembre /2011 08:11

A mind map gathering specific specific to advertising :


Click on the green folder

to view the vocabulary.

 Mind maps visualise and organise information : they help you memorise more easily (especially for visual learners). They are also named 'spidergrams'


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17 septembre 2011 6 17 /09 /septembre /2011 10:24





The video clip   you started studying yesterday was made in 2008 :

It is also displayed on the 'Adbusters' website, but it was created by the 'Bonfire  of the brands' team.


As for specific VOCABULARY,

the documents below may help you :

- The  "Describing & Analysing an Advert" RECAP SHEET                   based on an advert for Tetley (tea) :

   it   includes   vocabulary + key questions   to   help   you   analyse

   an   advert ;

- the  "Branding & Advertising" MIND-MAP :

   it  shows   elementary   words  and  phrases   specific  to  the  

   advertising and branding world.

 Your turn :

check the meaning of the words you don't know

(or still hesitate on).

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22 novembre 2010 1 22 /11 /novembre /2010 10:52

Here is a visual to remind you of

the main words specific to advertisements descriptions :

just click on the folder !


It also includes a few questions to help you describe and analyse them.

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30 octobre 2010 6 30 /10 /octobre /2010 23:14

Another haunted house... 

and yet this one is quite different : it will show you a website that "compiles a big collection of Halloween advertisements from the past 60 years or so."


Old advertisements celebrating Halloween

Most of he products brands are American... but I'm sure you know many of them !

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13 octobre 2010 3 13 /10 /octobre /2010 19:45

The Instant Kiwi TV ad

was released in 1999.



This   commercial   arouses  laughter  anywhere exams are held :o)

The ad illustrates the NZ Lotteries Board  "Instant Kiwi" : in September 1989, the New Zealand Lottery Board introduced the game, which caused instant laughter. The TV ad  is aimed at 18 -year olds, like the students in this brief story. Here the main character is a student who eventually proves to be far smarter than the teacher :o)

The game is called "Instant Kiwi" because you know if you are the winner not even 1 minute after buying the ticket !

It consists of a card with nine squares on it : punters scratch off 3 squares of their choice. If the 3 are identical, the punter wins that amount of money.



Ad developed by creative director Gavin Bradley, copywriter Kim Thorp, art director Robbie Kantor & agency producer Martin Gray. Filming directed by T. Williams - Visual effects : Digital Post. This ad inspired a scene in the film  The Slackers"  (U.S.A. - 2002)

Thanks !! to C. Dorleans, the colleague who got me to discover this clip :o)

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8 juillet 2010 4 08 /07 /juillet /2010 20:48

Here's a bright parody of the Wii...

... you know, the fabulous widget that gets you to do as if you were practising quite any activity... without practising them for real (or should I say IRL ?)  :o)


IRL = in real life   |   brightI = here, clever / intelligent / smart   |   widget (gadget)

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2 juillet 2010 5 02 /07 /juillet /2010 09:15

The animated picture below is based on a clip that promotes going to a movie theater rather than watching TV at home ! View the short commercial below :

    clip from the Public Domain (the Internet Archive website)

Charmingly outfashioned...  it must be the reason why it looks funny. Besides, given the temperatures out there at the moment, I do agree on their suggestion  :  why not go  to  the cinema ??  It's  so  much  cooler  than your home ;o)


a movie theater = American English for "cinema"

rather than  (plutôt que -de-)

a commercial = an advertisement on TV

outdated = the opposite to 'fashionable', 'trendy', 'in'

Why not + V ? <=>   making a suggestion

ex : "It's Sarah's birthday... why not invite her at the restaurant ?''

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10 février 2010 3 10 /02 /février /2010 16:30
People would do anything for a free Bud !
Can't believe this ? Just watch the commercial then :

When she planned the clothing drive to collect old clothes...
Sarah knew it :o)
Thanks indeed to C. Segal, the colleague who offered such a good laugh !


clothing drive = a campaign organised to collect clothes for a charity
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