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  • : Variety's on this English menu : have fun practising ! ~~~ Progresse en anglais au fil des divers articles et supports :-)
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MUSIC's also a way...

   ... to the 'Anglosphere' :o)
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               Using English idioms help you speak English more authentically.



    Since idioms vary from one country/culture to another,
    you cannot tranlate them word for word

but have to learn them :o)


         Here are a few links to practise and improve :

In these idioms an adjective is missing.

     Complete the 10 similes by...
                           WITH THE PROPER IDIOM   

B. The ten idioms  HERE   < < <
     are related to food. Two different meanings are suggested for each idiom :
     choose the right one !

C. The 10 phrases   HERE   <  < <
      all include a phrasal verb based on the same structure :
                                  make + preposition
      Find the right preposition !

(1) : Photo of a page from the "Pocket Oxford Dictionary"
                                                                                                            similes = comparisons
to = connected to / linked to
                            You do remember that 'a phrase' is NOT "une phrase", but it means "an expression"... do you ?!!

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