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26 mars 2010 5 26 /03 /mars /2010 21:41
Today, each of you presented a film (& his specific film genre) for about one minute.

Here are a few reminders to help you improve your speeches.


Remember to :
   - speak slowly : think of breathing  ;o)
   - mind your pronunciation, articulate words
   - speak up (loud)
   - avoid reading your notes

                 WHOM YOU SPEAK TO...
                 Remember to :
                    - anticipate : explain difficult words or points
think of rehearsing the key-steps (if any)
                    - possibly ask listeners if they need further
                      explanations / details

                                        WHAT YOU DEAL WITH...
                                        ask yourselves the following
                                        questions :
                   - Have you properly analysed your
                                              topic ?
                    - Can everybody understand what
                                              you said ?
                     - Is your 'message' clear ?

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20 mars 2010 6 20 /03 /mars /2010 21:58
Here is an interview of George Clooney

click on "Rolling Stone" magazine  logo
[ The interview was made 5 years ago by Gavin Edwards ]
Actually, you don't have to read the complete interview ! I just intend to show you the introduction to the interview, and the kind of questions the actor might be asked. Thus you can only read the questions  - of course, if you are interested in reading the whole interview... well, you can do it !! :o)
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15 mars 2010 1 15 /03 /mars /2010 17:31
This sheet will help you prepare
Click on the film scene below to view a specific mind map :
useful words and phrases, and how to organise your review :
http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e5/Tilt1.gif                                                (1)
And now, practise : watch "INVICTUS" trailer   HERE  <<<
and write the corresponding film review !
(1) : animated GIF by  Eamonltd - Public Domain
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13 février 2010 6 13 /02 /février /2010 20:10
I have just made a worksheet adapted from a few sites about advertising and branding analysis (especially about how to analyse how efficacious an ad is).
Visual learners will benefit from this mind map most...
Is-this-advertisement-effective-.jpeg... click on the map to get the complete document.
click on the PDF logo

to get a series of questions that'll help you

decode any advert... whatever the media :o)
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