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Top articles

  • Words of French origin

    23 juin 2011 ( #LEXIS : words - words - words ! )

    English words derive from many languages : Loads of words of French origins have entered the English language : as a result, so have a great number of Latin words. Most of French-originating words date from the centuries after the 1066 Norman Conquest...

  • How the Internet has revolutionized education

    23 juin 2011 ( #>>BAC : entraînez-vous )

    This infographic aims at showing higher education is no longer for the elite only : the Internet helps to educate oneself. It points out that knowledge (thus... power) has shifted from the institution's hands to the students' : The infographic was created...

  • The History of English -10 fun animations

    02 juillet 2011 ( #LANGUAGEs )

    This series of animations humorously relates the "History of English" These Free Open Learning videos were created by the Open University ANGLO-SAXON or "Whatever happened to the Jutes ?" The NORMAN CONQUEST or "Excuse my English" SHAKESPEARE or "A plaque...

  • Independence Day -LIFE photo galleries

    04 juillet 2011 ( #HISTORY - PAST & PRESENT )

    These covers from LIFE Magazine range from 1927 to 1966 -some of them aren't dated. Don't some of the pictures evoke Norman Rockwell's pictures ? Well... he illustrated scenes from the American daily life, didn't he ? The gallery below includes 26 photos...

  • The Declaration of Independence -commented on by Matt DAMON

    04 juillet 2011 ( #HISTORY - PAST & PRESENT )

    "Democracy is not a spectator sport" Once you have viewed this short video... ... complete the gap fill summary based on Matt Damon's comments : Matt DAMON reads and comments on a few articles from the Declaration of Independence At first, he explains...

  • Kinetic typography -K. Koch's POEM

    17 juillet 2011 ( #LITERATURE )

    Kenneth Koch's words are given rhythm by the visual effect of kinetic typography : "watch" 'You want a social life, with friends' in the video below : You want a social life, with friends. A passionate love life and as well To work hard every day. What's...

  • Information & the Internet

    22 juillet 2011 ( #The INTERNET - Social MEDIA )

    This infographic was created by MedicalBillingandCoding.org about one year ago Compare yourself and the way you use the Internet with the way it is used illustrated in the infographic... Do you use TV and the Internet simultaneously ? What do you use...

  • NYC's "Beat the heat" GUIDE

    23 juillet 2011 ( #CLIMATE - the ENVIRONMENT )

    The New York City OEM (Office of Emergency Management)... ... has issued a Guide to help New Yorkers and visitors cope with the heat wave that is currently sweeping over the U.S.A. (up to 125°F/51.6°C in Nevada) : "On warm summer days, New York City can...

  • A "no Google - Facebook" world ?

    25 juillet 2011 ( #The INTERNET - Social MEDIA )

    Google's domain : registered in 1997 - Facebook : launched 7 years later 2011's websurfers cannot figure out searching the web without the search engine -as for Facebook, Zuckerberg's corporation painted the word 'friend' quite a peculiar tinge ! Actually...

  • Visualising the U.S. debt

    27 juillet 2011 ( #Society - Economics )

    The gigantic building on the right is not a skyscraper... it is a heap of US banknotes figuring the amount of the U.S. unfunded liabilities : 114.5 Trillion Dollars -$114,500,000,000,000. "[...]The unfunded liability is calculated on current tax and funding...

  • Californian Jim Denevan's ephemeral LAND ART

    28 juillet 2011 ( #CinemA-RT )

    Sand Jim Denevan makes temporary drawings on sand earth and ice that are eventually erased by waves and weather. Earth Not only does he create magical landscapes, but he also is a chef :-) He's been sketching his temporary natural pictures in Florida,...

  • Banksy sprays Murdoch's phone-hacking scandal

    07 août 2011 ( #Street ART )

    Banksy's mural in East London The Daily Mail decodes the image : "It depicts a water tap being called - a tap phoned - with a simulated phone ringing 'Brinngg, Brinngg' as well as a confused person with a thought bubble which reads 'Oh no... my tap's...

  • Renewable energy -wind turbines

    12 septembre 2011 ( #SCIENCES & TECH )

    The Simple English Wikipedia definition : Wind turbines use the kinetic power of the wind to generate electricity. Historically, they were more frequently used as a mechanical device to turn machinery. There are two main sorts of wind generators : those...

  • "Gun violence in the US" -full 'Guardian' article

    14 septembre 2011 ( #Terminales... B1 - B2 )

    Tale - B1/2 You've just started studying "Gun violence in the US" in 'XL Terminale' textbook... The passage was adapted from an article by Stuart Jeffries, (from 'The Guardian' - May 17, 2002) and I thought you might feel like reading it : "Gunning for...

  • "The Good Consumer" VIDEO -vocabulary/key-questions

    17 septembre 2011 ( #ADVERTISING )

    CONSUMERISM - BRANDING $$$ $$$ The video clip you started studying yesterday was made in 2008 : It is also displayed on the 'Adbusters' website , but it was created by the ' Bonfire of the brands' team. _____________ As for specific VOCABULARY, the documents...

  • Hugh Laurie on Twitter : "I don't get it !"

    31 juillet 2011 ( #The INTERNET - Social MEDIA )

    When Radio BBC4 interview focuses on Twitter, Hugh Laurie... ... hesitates ("I'm not...") but then admits ("Well actually I am !") he is well signed up to Stephen Fry's(1) Twitter account... He immediately adds he has "purely unmixed feelings about Twitter"......

  • US TV series : improve your English !

    25 septembre 2011 ( #MEDIA )

    The timeline below shows various American TV series that can be watched also in France -until December 2012 : Lots of them are rather famous in France : you probably already know many of them, as "Dexter", "Medium", "NCIS", or... Their quality varies...

  • Our brain/memory : shaped by Google !

    07 octobre 2011 ( #The INTERNET - Social MEDIA )

    The infographic below outlines commonly using Google... affects your memory It reviews different Google tools in the Analysis (green) / Organisation (light blue) / Search (dark blue) / Image (orange) fields and compares how our memory and our brain used...

  • U.S. State symbols : MARYLAND's Blue Crab

    25 octobre 2011 ( #The CULTURE of the ANGLOsphere )

    The Bald Eagle is the bird symbol of the U.S.A. ... but did you know each of the U.S. 50 states also has a symbol ? (1) The Blue crab is the crustacean symbol of Maryland -more specifically, of Chesapeake Bay . As it is both a predator and a prey, it...

  • Twitter facts & figures -INFOGRAPHIC

    01 novembre 2011 ( #The INTERNET - Social MEDIA )

    There are many reasons why people tweet : tweets may be personal conversation or professional information. Twitter accounts are often used to promote oneself and one's business or website. The iinfographic also displays Twitter business value, who the...

  • How to... describe & analyse VISUAL DOCUMENTS

    18 octobre 2011 ( #METHODS : "How to..." )

    Here is a RECAP to help you... ... describe and analyse a visual document : a photo, a painting, a drawing, a cartoon, a still , and so on... Click on the PDF logo to get the RECAP sheet Click on the apple to get the cartoons you started studying today...

  • Using Social Media & Technology in Education

    24 octobre 2011 ( #TEACHERS' Lounge )

    TEACHERS' LOUNGE & interested Using Social Media &Technology in Educational Settings "Considerations, guidance and risk assessment templates for schools and educational settings considering the use of Social Media. This Kent e-Safety Strategy Group [...]...

  • Facebook's failures by WordStream -INFOGRAPHIC

    22 octobre 2011 ( #The INTERNET - Social MEDIA )

    On Facebook, you can feel as if you had loads of "friends". This is likely to be considered a 'pro'-Facebook argument -guess so. The infographic below displays some cons though -on a loooooooong wall : The visual deals with... "Privacy" May 31st, 2010...

  • How WIND POWER is harvested

    25 octobre 2011 ( #SCIENCES & TECH )

    STI2D "Wind is an important nature force that humans have learned to harvest to create power (and curse it for giving them bad hair days). [...] By harvest ing the wind’s power, we are able to create electricity using wind turbines". Before Autumn Holidays,...

  • Pumpkin Bread -video RECIPE

    27 octobre 2011 ( #FOOD in the ANGLOsphere )

    Food and cooking are part of a country's culture -it can even get artistic ! From today on, they deserve a specific category on this weblog... Let's start with a recipe I found on VIDEOJUG : Hallowe'en usually gets us to carve those poor pumpkins, again...

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