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13 novembre 2010 6 13 /11 /novembre /2010 23:27

"Fair game" : an ambiguous title

that plays on words : a "fair game" is either a game played according to the rules... or game (animals) that may lawfully be hunted. Watch the trailer and guess which one is dealt with in the film :

Action / thriller - directed by Doug Liman (released in 2010)

Lead actors : Sean Penn plays Joe Wilson, Naomi Watts plays Valerie Plame

Plot : Valerie Plame is a CIA agent under cover. Her husband -Joe WILSON-,a former US ambassador- wrote an op-ed in the NY Times -"What I did not find in Africa"  <<< explaining that Bush administration had manipulated intelligence about weapons of mass distruction so as to justify the invasion of Iraq... thus White House officials blew up Valerie's cover to reveal her status of CIA agent... and discredit her husband.

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